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Chris and Pamela  Gibbons, Outstanding Community Member

Chris and Pamela Gibbons

Outstanding Community Member

Both Pamela and I got involved with LAPD 3 years ago after spending 7 years in Ministry work in Kampala, Uganda, and El Salvador, and realizing that there was an extreme need right here in our own neighborhoods.  We are both born and raised n Long Beach an have a passion for helping good kids in bad environments.

Sgt. Adam Moore introduced us to the leadership at LAPD, and the rest is history.

Since October of 2011, we have been involved at many levels with LAPD providing funds, services, talent, resources, and most importatly, bringing in additional contacts in areas that will enhance our efforts.

Chris is bless to work for an amazing company, Menasha Packaging, that has generously allowed us to provide funds an resources to LAPD as well as making our employees available to volunteer in the communities of Watts and South Los Angeles.  We find the leadership at LAPD, 77th Street Area to be inline with our values and mission and the relationship continues to flourish and benefit the community of South Los Angeles.