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77th Street News

01/05/15 - 39-Year Old Woman Killed by Hit and Run Driver NR15002jr

12/29/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in 77th Division NR14489an

12/23/14 - Unsolved Murder of 62-year-old Female NA14253nv

12/08/14 - LAPD 77th Street Area Hosts 2014 “Operation Shoes from Santa” for Area Children NA14234sf

12/03/14 - Female Discovered Shot to Death in South L.A. NR14461nv

11/24/14 - Local Pastors To Hold News Conference For Peace and Calm NA14225an

11/20/14 - 15-Year-Old Missing Female NR14453nv

11/17/14 - Informative Community Forum Regarding AB60, The New Law to License Undocumented Residents

11/17/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered for Identity of Fatal Hit & Run Driver

11/12/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in 77th NR14431ne

11/11/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in 77th Division NR14391lp

10/27/14 - Man Shot to Death NR14399JK

10/16/14 - Community Involvement March & Clean Up in South Los Angeles

10/14/14 - News Conference to Announce $50,000 Reward in Unsolved Murder NA14183dm

10/13/14 - Detectives seek witnesses on the shooting death of a 28 year-old man NR14381lp

10/10/14 - Suspect Charged in Murder of a Chinatown Resident NR14378ne

10/06/14 - Community Involvement March & Clean Up in South Los Angeles NA14174SF

09/12/14 - South L.A. Shooting Leaves One Dead and one Injured NR14335nv

09/09/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in 77th Division NR14334dm

09/04/14 - LAPD Seeks Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect(s) in Labor Day Weekend Murders NR142326jk

08/19/14 - Dangerous Vehicle Pursuit Ends with Suspect Killed and SWAT Officer Shot and Severely Injured NR14315SF

07/30/14 - 33-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in Los Angeles NR14287lp

07/16/14 - CRITICAL MISSING - 8-year-old Girl Taken by Biological Mother

07/08/14 - News Conference to Announce Two $50,000 Rewards for Two Unsolved Murders NA14126SF

07/08/14 - Mayor Garcetti and Chief Beck Announce the 2014 Mid-Year Statistics NA14125bb

06/23/14 - Peace March In South Los Angeles NA14118bb

06/10/14 - 81-Year-Old Missing Man NR14229rh

05/20/14 - Actor Arrested and Booked for Murder NR14192sm

04/25/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

04/18/14 - Man Found Shot to Death in the Cab of His Delivery Truck NR14156sm

04/10/14 - $50,000 Reward Offered in Connection with the Murder of Paul T. James NA14061wr

04/10/14 - 77th Division Along with the Los Angeles Football Club Soccer Academy for Teens is Hosting UCLA’s NCAA Champions Women’s Soccer Team NA14060wr

04/07/14 - LAPD Has Big Plans for Little Libraries LAPD’s Little Free Library Looking for Sponsors NR14103rh

03/31/14 - 37-Year-Old in Wheelchair Shot and Killed NR14128nv

03/25/14 - Officers Saved the Life of 17-Month-Old Infant NR14123rh

03/06/14 - Missing Mother Found and Charged with Child Abuse NR14099nv

02/23/14 - LAPD Detectives Seek The Public’s Assistance to Help Solve Homicide NA14025sm

02/20/14 - 77th Detectives Investigating Kidnap/Sexual Assault Allegation NR14073ne

02/13/14 - Murder Suspect Arrested in Chicago NR14057wr

02/07/14 - 34-Year-Old Man Shot to Death in South Los Angeles NR14052sm

01/22/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in 77th Area NR14028ne

01/03/14 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

12/15/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in 77th NR13552an

11/21/13 - 77th Street Division’s Operation Shoes from Santa NA13211cj

11/18/13 - 2013 South Los Angeles Holiday Business Forum NA13207cj

11/08/13 - LAPD Detectives Providing Update on the 99Cent Store Murder Case NA13199gb

11/06/13 - $50,000 Reward Offered NA13196ne

11/04/13 - Unveiling of LAPD 77th Street Area’s Little Free Library NA13195ne

10/28/13 - News Conference to Announce the Arrest of Two Suspects Wanted in the “Craig’s List” Murder Case NA13190SF

10/23/13 - Detectives Seek Public Help to Identify Homicide Suspect of Store Clerk NA13187rf