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August 2009

08/31/09 - Church Going Man Shot After Dropping Off His Niece at Home

08/29/09 - Wife Killed After Argument with Her Husband NR09427gb

08/28/09 - Art Theft Suspect Wanted NR09426ne

08/28/09 - Michael Jackson Death Investigation Update NR09425ah

08/28/09 - Traffic Safety Awareness Near Schools NA09229cj

08/27/09 - Asking Public's Help in Identifying Suspects in Medical Marijuana Robberies NA09227gb

08/26/09 - Suspects Sought in Hollywood Hills Burglary NR09424ah

08/25/09 - Topanga Station Children's Room Dedication NA09228BB

08/24/09 - Armed Robbery Suspects Victimize Clerk NR09419BB

08/24/09 - A Pro-Active Response to a Spike in Gang Crime NR09422kr

08/24/09 - Elderly Wheelchair Bound Man Arrested after Shooting NR09420gb

08/24/09 - Los Angeles Police Seek Help in Finding 26-year-Old Woman NR09411ah

08/24/09 - Michael Jackson Hayvenhurst Estate Media Plan NA09224kr

08/24/09 - Suspect Points Gun at LAPD Officer During Search Warrant Service NR09421gb

08/23/09 - Public's Help Needed for Woman Missing under Suspicious Circumstances NR09415kr

08/23/09 - Man Killed After Giving a Friend a Ride NR09417kr

08/23/09 - Several Shots, Multiple Victims, Killing One NR09413ne

08/23/09 - Young Man Shot and Killed NR09414ne

08/23/09 - Robbery, Leaves Man Dead NR09416ne

08/22/09 - Operations-South Bureau Gang Initiative NA090226ne

08/21/09 - Central Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint

08/21/09 - Robbery of Catering Truck Caught on Tape

08/21/09 - Thousands of Illegal DVDs Seized in Fashion District NR09412pv

08/20/09 - Central Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA09221rh

08/20/09 - LAPD Host Youth Mentoring Workshop

08/20/09 - John W. Mack Elected President Of The Los Angeles Police Commission And Andrea Sheridan Ordin Elected Vice President

08/19/09 - Man Sitting in Car is Shot to Death NR09407kr

08/19/09 - Found Child Tyre NR09406gb

08/18/09 - Suspect Points Gun at LAPD Officer When Stopped for Questioning NR09405gb

08/18/09 - Detective Support and Vice Division Review DVD to Determine if a Criminal Investigation is Warranted NR09408SF

08/17/09 - Murder Suspect Taken into Custody During Routine Train Fare Check NR09401rh

08/17/09 - Woman Missing, Publics Help Needed NR09404kr

08/15/09 - West Traffic Sobriety Checkpoint NA09219SF

08/14/09 - Police Commission Announces Meetings Throughout The City To Obtain Public Input For Next Chief Of Police

08/14/09 - Suspect Points Loaded Gun at Pursuing LAPD Officers

08/14/09 - Valley Traffic Sobriety Checkpoint NA09218ne

08/14/09 - LAPD Standoff with Man Who Made Threats to The White House NR09398SF

08/13/09 - Latin Lotto Suspect Arrested after Swindling 73-Year-Old Woman NR09397rf

08/13/09 - Valley Traffic Sobriety Checkpoint NA09218ne

08/12/09 - LAPD Academy Graduation NA090217bb

08/12/09 - Robbery Spree Ends with Suspects in Custody NR09391kr

08/12/09 - Violent Partygoer Sustains Head Injury Large Party Creates Substantial Neighborhood Disturbance NR09394rf

08/12/09 - Los Angeles City Employee under Investigation NR09395gb

08/12/09 - Armed Suspect Shot and Killed NR09392gb

08/12/09 - South Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint NA09216gb

08/11/09 - Stamp Honors Legendary Television Show Dragnet LAPD and United States Postal Service Celebrate the Stamp's Unveiling and First Day of Sale NA09207SF

08/11/09 - Teen Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) Retreat - Museum of Tolerance NA09213rh

08/11/09 - Rewards Totaling $50K Offered to Help Solve a Homicide Case

08/10/09 - Michael Jackson Investigation Update NR09390BB

08/08/09 - Devonshire Area Semi-Annual District Meeting

08/07/09 - Do-rag Bandit Arrested after Downtown Crime Spree NR09387pv

08/07/09 - West Bureau Sobriety Checkpoint

08/07/09 - Central Traffic Conducts DUI Saturation Patrols NA09210 ne

08/07/09 - Police Ride-Along helps Nab a Serial Sexual Assault Suspect NR09389gb

08/07/09 - Hollywood Stabbing Spree Results in Two Deaths A Third Victim Survives NR09386rf

08/06/09 - Severely Injured West Los Angeles Man Dies from Apparent Traffic Incident NR09386rf

08/05/09 - Chief Bratton Speaks about Upcoming Resignation at Command Staff Meeting NA09208rf

08/05/09 - LAPD Chief William Bratton Letter To Department Employees NR09384WJB

08/05/09 - Motorcyclist Killed in a Hit-and-Run NR09380ne

08/05/09 - Buyers Beware in the West San Fernando Valley Area NR09381rh

08/05/09 - School District Employee Arrested on Child Molestation Charges NR09382kr

08/05/09 - Motorcyclist Dies in Valley Crash NR09383kr

08/04/09 - Man Slashed to Death in Homeless Encampment NR09378pv

08/04/09 - Argument Escalated To A Fatal Shooting NR09379rh

08/04/09 - Verbal Dispute Resulted in Deadly Shooting NR09373gb

08/04/09 - Man Fatally Stabbed Dies from his Injuries NR09376rh

08/04/09 - Multiple Suspects Fire Several Shots, Killing Victim NR09377kr

08/04/09 - Hollywood Rolls Out the Blue Carpet for Safety NA09203SF

08/04/09 - Man Slashed to Death in Homeless Encampment NR09378pv

08/03/09 - Dedication Ceremony to the late Deputy Chief Kenneth O. Garner NA09205ne

08/02/09 - Passenger in Car, Killed While Waiting for Light to Change NR09375SF

08/02/09 - Mid-Morning Shooting Leaves One Man Dead NR09374gb