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Burglary Special Section

Burglary Special Section/Commercial Auto Theft
 is oversaw by Lt. Theodore Edwards and Lt. Silva Atwater
213-486-6940 Office
213-486-8754 FAX

Art Theft Detail
investigates all thefts and burglaries when fine art is the primary object of attack.  The detail also investigates fakes, frauds, and forgeries involving art.  This unit has citywide jurisdiction and assists in protecting the artistic, cultural and historical heritage of a city. It is the only full-time law enforcement unit in the United States devoted to the investigation of art crimes.

The Art Theft Detail targets suspects who prey upon artists, art dealers, and collectors.  The unit maintains close contact with the art community and provides stolen art information to galleries, art dealers, auction houses, museums, art associations, publications and other law enforcement agencies, locally, nationally and internationally.

Burglary/Pawn Unit (BPU)
The BPU conducts select burglary investigations at the direction of the Commanding Officer, CCD or the Chief of Detectives.

The BPU also investigate and monitors the following businesses and dealers to ensure compliance with Police Commission’s permit rules and regulations: antique shops; junk collectors; junk dealers; pawnbrokers; secondhand book dealers; secondhand general property dealers; secondhand jewelry stores; swap meets; and, metal/wire reclamation centers. The BPU coordinates information involving stolen merchandise sold or pawned to any of the above businesses and dealers and has citywide responsibility for the investigation, supervision, and inspection of 96 junkyards and scrap metal dealers.  The BPU also investigates pawnshop applicants and coordinates Property "Hold" Releases at pawnshops.  As an additional duty, the BPU investigate hotel room burglaries and hotel room thefts committed in major hotels.  This does not include motels, residential hotels, or transient rooming house-type hotels.

The Safe Detail has citywide responsibility for investigating burglaries when a safe, vault or automated teller machines (ATM) is the primary object of attack.  The detectives assigned to the detail are registered and certified safe technicians.  The detectives are frequently called upon to give expert testimony and are certified instructors for DOJ.  They respond to open locked safes and vaults during search warrant services.  They also provide telephonic advice and respond to off-hour call outs 24 hours a day.  The Safe Detail frequently assists the Bomb Squad, Gun Detail, Major Narcotics and other specialized divisions, including FBI, Customs, and ATF.