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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Media Relations

International Fraud Ring Broken

Los Angeles:  The Los Angeles Police Department served arrest warrants last night and early this morning in the culmination of a 14-month-long investigation, which led from Los Angeles to the Republic of Georgia, unmasking a Glendale-based non-profit charity operating as a front for fraud and stolen cars.

Global Human Services (GHS) was a registered non-profit charity with the state of California until February 2004, when their license was suspended.  The charity posed as an organization that regularly sent humanitarian relief oversees via large shipping containers, mostly destined for the Republic of Georgia, Jordan, Armenia, and Russia.  The organization’s true reason for existence was international car theft and fraud.

In June 2005, a search of two of GHS shipping containers by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Houston, Texas, uncovered only a small shipment of women's shoes, and two expensive, late-model SUVs hidden behind a false wall of each container.  The cars showed as stolen and/or obtained through fraudulent means.

Detectives discovered that GHS had made in excess of 200 such shipments overseas in the past two years.  While manifests listed the shipments as clothing and other types of humanitarian aid, fourteen more stolen cars were seized by authorities in the Republic of Georgia, with the assistance of Major Crimes Division detectives and FBI legal attachés.

The investigation determined that representatives of GHS would solicit car owners and lease holders of automobiles.  The cars' owners would surrender their vehicles to GHS for monetary gain; GHS would then ship the cars overseas.  Once the vehicles were in transit, the owners would report the cars stolen and collect the insurance money.

Detectives estimated that GHS has shipped $5 million worth of cars during the past few years.  That estimate does not include the loss to the insurance companies through fraudulent claims.

This investigation was conducted by Commercial Crimes Division, assisted by Major Crimes Division, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The following persons were arrested on warrants connected with this investigation:





Booking No.


Rita Gervorkyan   27 550 P.C. (Fraud) Burbank  8928899  $500,000
Garegin Narinyants  32 550 P.C. (Fraud) Burbank  8928831  $500,000
Artem Mkrttchian  40 550 P.C. (Fraud) Glendale


Sevan Karayan  24  550 P.C. (Fraud) Glendale  8928858  $30,000
Aram Kazarian   29  550 P.C. (Fraud) Montebello   8928675  $30,000
Lioudvig Gevorkian   57  Out of Country  Los Angeles



Gayk Gevorkian 


 Out of Country  Los Angeles



Pavel Barem   33  550 P.C. (Fraud) Whittier  8928746   $30,000
Gayanne Adamyan   22 550 P.C. (Fraud)  Los Angeles  8928884  $30,000
Sargis Adamyan   63 550 P.C. (Fraud)  Los Angeles  8928803  $30,000















Photographs of some of the containers and cars will be made available to the media.  Requests may be directed to Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.