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03/16/15 - 77-year-old Missing Female NR15082js

02/06/15 - LAPD Recovers Lethal Weapons NA15019an

02/03/15 - School Staff Member Accused of Inappropriate Behavior with Minors NR15036dm

01/29/15 - Female Fatally Stabbed Near LAPD Foothill Station NR15028dm

12/08/14 - 62-Year-Old Missing Man NR14466dm

11/25/14 - Traffic Enforcement and Pedestrian Safety Tips NA14223nv

11/03/14 - 18-year-old Girl Missing After Leaving a High School in the San Fernando Valley NR14415SF

10/24/14 - Man Arrested After Woman Dies in Crash NR14396an

10/23/14 - Beautification of Foothill Station Brings Community Together

09/27/14 - Man in a Wheelchair Killed by Hit and Run Driver NR14363nv

09/26/14 - Home Invasion Suspect Turns Himself In After Video is Televised NR14358lp

09/19/14 - 23-Year-Old Man Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14348lp

08/26/14 - Update on San Fernando Valley Homicides NR14146lp

08/24/14 - Three Homicides in the San Fernando Valley May Be Related NR14321lp

08/01/14 - LAUSD Police Officers Injured In Traffic Collision NR14291nv

07/16/14 - 83-year-old Man Missing from Sun Valley May be Traveling to Burbank NR14269SF

06/19/14 - 71-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14237kp

06/17/14 - 32-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14233rh

06/10/14 - 44-Year-Old Missing Woman NR14230rh

06/03/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Foothill Area NR14207sm

04/07/14 - LAPD Has Big Plans for Little Libraries LAPD’s Little Free Library Looking for Sponsors NR14103rh

04/07/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Foothill NR14134nv

04/04/14 - Educational Forums Regarding Immigration Fraud

03/09/14 - Pedestrian Struck by Train Dies at Scene NR14107sm

03/07/14 - 28-Year-Old Missing Man NR14105nv

03/03/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Foothill Area’s Little Free Library Celebrating National Read Across America Day NA14029sm

02/28/14 - Educational Forum Regarding Immigration Fraud

02/26/14 - Missing 13-Year-Old Boy NR14086rf

02/21/14 - A Day without Crime NR14074wr

12/09/13 - Man Struck and Killed by Metrolink Train NR13525rh

12/03/13 - Two Pedestrians Severely Injured in Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR134504bb

11/26/13 - Foothill Station Area “Anti-Theft” Holiday Strategic Enforcement Plan NA13215gb

11/21/13 - Officer Involved Shooting in Foothill NR13502ne

10/18/13 - Mission Possible 2013 Event Aims to Raise Autism Awareness NA13181dm

09/18/13 - 29-Year-old San Fernando Valley Man Missing NR13433SF

09/17/13 - 20-Year-old Missing Man NR13432cj

08/14/13 - LAPD Foothill Community Police Station Announces“ International PredPol Day of Action” NA13136bb

07/02/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs in Foothill NR13224cj

06/04/13 - Officer Involved Shooting - Foothill Area NR13186sp

05/30/13 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Foothill Area NR13168bb

05/29/13 - Man Attempts to Kidnap Eleven Year Old Girl NR13172ne

04/25/13 - Sylmar Man Killed in Traffic Collision Remains Unidentified NR13136rf

03/11/13 - Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk This Saint Patrick’s Day; Designate a Sober Driver Before the Party Begins NR13042ne

12/27/12 - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Train NR12597LG

11/30/12 - LAPD Sergeant and Officer Team up to Save a Baby’s Life in Sun Valley NR12550cj

11/21/12 - 74-year-old Missing Woman NR12532bb

10/30/12 - LAPD and City Officials Offer Halloween Safety Tips Event Includes Children’s Costume Parade

10/26/12 - LAPD Foothill Area to Promote Holiday Anti-Theft Program Hide It, Lock It, Keep It NR12236vh

09/13/12 - 85-year-old Man Missing from the North San Fernando Valley NR12429sf

09/08/12 - Man Arrested For the Murder of His Parents NR12425bb

08/30/12 - Chief of Police responds to Officer Involved Use of Force Incident in Foothill Area NR12409rl

08/29/12 - Officer Involved Use of Force During a Traffic Stop in Foothill Area NR12406rl

08/21/12 - Death Investigation in Pacoima NR12394cj

08/11/12 - 85-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman in Sun Valley NR12386an

08/02/12 - Woman Killed in Solo Traffic Collision NR12369rh

06/22/12 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested by Foothill Gang Officers NR12290an

06/21/12 - 19-Year-Old Woman Killed in Traffic Collision NR12284kr

06/21/12 - Charred Body Found in Brush Fire NR12287kr

06/11/12 - Detectives Warn the Public about “Distraction Burglars” NR12266cj

05/16/12 - $50,000 Reward Being Offered in Connection with a Fatal Hit-and-Run NA12112wr

05/06/12 - Search for Critical Missing NR12207rh

05/05/12 - 52-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12205bb

03/23/12 - Violent Armed Robbery Suspect NR12140kr

03/17/12 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Hit and Run NR12126bb

03/14/12 - Lankershim Boulevard Prostitution Reduction Operations Plan NA12050rh

03/14/12 - How to Travel with your Pets Safely, And Equestrian Safety NR12051kr

03/04/12 - Woman Found Dead Inside Parked Car NR120101kr

03/01/12 - LAPD – Community Basketball Game

02/28/12 - Foothill Area Re-Dedication Ceremony

02/23/12 - Athletic Assistant Arrested NR12092kr

02/10/12 - Teacher Faces Multiple Counts of Lewd Acts on a Child NR12076rb

02/10/12 - Teacher Faces Multiple Counts of Lewd Acts on a Child NR12076rb

02/06/12 - Man Shot to Death in Sun Valley NR12066gb

01/16/12 - Teenager Murdered at a Local Business NR012023LP

01/02/12 - Officers from LAPD’s Foothill Division Search for Missing Woman NR11603rh

12/15/11 - Woman Shot to Death in San Fernando Valley NR11576gb

12/15/11 - Community Redevelopment Agency Funds High Tech Crime Fighting NA11277rh

11/22/11 - Fatal Traffic Collision Leaves One Dead and another Injured NR11549rh

11/21/11 - Pedestrian Struck by a Car and Killed while Crossing Street NR11545rf

11/03/11 - “Commercial Crimes Division Need the Public’s Help to Identify Suspects Wanted for Cargo Thefts in the San Fernando Valley” NR11520SF

11/02/11 - Man Found Shot on Sidewalk NR11515ne

10/27/11 - Homeowner’s Beware of Home Inspection Scam NR11505kr

10/19/11 - Indecent Exposure/Child Annoying Suspect Arrested NR11492ne

10/07/11 - Foothill Division Search for a Critical Missing Woman NR11462SF

09/11/11 - Suspect Arrested in North Hollywood Murder NR44215kr

08/29/11 - Deadly Hit and Run on Valley Street NR11401kr

08/07/11 - Care Alert NR11364cj

07/19/11 - Foothill Officers Respond to a Domestic Violence Call; Armed Suspect Shot by Officers NR11334mf

07/17/11 - Party Goers Shot, One Killed NR11329kr

07/16/11 - Victim of Homicide found Lying in Field NR11322kr

07/14/11 - Woman’s Body Found inside House after Fire Cause of Death Is Unclear NR11320rf

07/07/11 - Man Fatally Shot NR11309ne

07/05/11 - Foothill Detectives Public Safety Information Hansen Dam Rape Suspect

06/17/11 - Underage Driver Injured in a Traffic Accident NR11275cj

06/16/11 - Drive-by Shooting in Pacoima Leaves 20-year-old Dead NR11278bb

06/10/11 - Critical Missing Woman Maria Ledesma NR11263gb

06/07/11 - Missing Person Shawn William Tischler NR11257rh

05/23/11 - Observe Memorial Day Weekend Responsibly With Your Family and Friends NR11121rh

05/20/11 - Burglary Suspect Dies Several Days after Arrest NR11240rf

04/26/11 - Victim Kidnapped and Residence Burglarized NR11182lpk