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Useful Information for Families and Friends of Elderly Persons

Register the person with the local Alzheimer’s Association

Place the person’s name and telephone number or address within the lining of the person’s clothing

Post a visible note on the refrigerator door indicating the person's treating physician and telephone number and any prescribed medications the person may be currently taking

Use an identification bracelet or necklace with an identifying tag

Encourage the person to carry identification with them

Know the person’s daily routine I.E.; who do they visit, where do they walk, where do they shop

Ensure there is a responsible caregiver overseeing the family member’s welfare

Stay in touch with the family member

Continue to assess the person’s mental well being

Ensure the person has the mental and physical ability to safely operate a motor vehicle

Maintain the vehicle license number of the person’s vehicle

Ensure they are following medical recommendations of their doctor ie; medications

Maintain banking and credit account numbers of the person

Maintain updated addresses and telephone numbers of the person’s neighbors who may assist you in monitoring the person’s welfare

If you see a person who appears to be lost, wandering or confused immediately notify authorities