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Harbor Community Newsletter
April  2014 Vol. VI, No. 4

Northwest San Pedro Newsletter
April 2014

Hello, it has been my pleasure and honor to serve the residents of the North West San Pedro area. Thank you for the warm welcome I have received from all the residents at various community meetings. My commitment is to give you the same service Senior Lead Officer Ashcraft provided for you. The city cell phone number is the same (310-869-2067), my email address is  Any questions or issues for the North West San Pedro area please feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to working with all of you.

The crime trend for the North West San Pedro area continues to be Property Crime i.e. Residential Burglary, Burglary from Motor Vehicles, Theft from Motor Vehicles and Grand Theft Autos.  The Burglary and Theft from Motor vehicle can be solved rather easily.  What Officers and Detectives continue to notice is people are continuing to leave their personal property inside their vehicles (purses, IPODS, Lap Tops, garage door openers, personal navigation devices, ect,) and most of it is in plain view.  I know we all feel as if we should be able to leave our belongings inside of our own vehicles.  But unfortunately that is not the case anymore.  We have to be smart and know that unfortunately there are people who want to steal our property for a variety of reasons.  But those kinds of people are out there and we need to remain vigilant against them, and not help them.  Please, let’s take all of our personal property out of our vehicles, and take them inside our residences.  Also, people are not locking their vehicles, whether they are parked on the street, in a parking structure or on their driveway.  Lock your vehicles no matter where you park them, or no matter how long you plan on staying at the location i.e. 5 minutes, a couple of hours, or all night.

As far as the Residential Burglaries, we need people to lock and secure the residences when they leave, no matter how long they plan on being gone.  What we are noticing is that people are leaving windows and doors unlocked while they are not at home.  This could possibly continue due to the summer time weather coming.  I know we all get into our daily routines, and sometimes forget to lock a window, or secure the rear door before we leave.  Trust me, I’ve done it too!  But like I’ve said before, we have to remain vigilant and not help these thieves get into our residences easily.  Also let’s try and keep our windows clear of brush, bushes and tree foliage.  This is so the thieves do not have a place to hide or blend into as they are looking into our houses; they will immediately standout to neighbors and people passing by.  Let’s try and maintain good lighting around our properties at night too.  Motion detectors are a great tool and not expensive. 

As far as Grand Theft Autos, we need people to lock and secure them whenever they park their vehicles, no matter how long they plan on staying at that location.  Also a lot of people are not using any type of security devices to secure their vehicles.  These devices are a great tool, as all of the above crimes are opportunistic in nature.  Thieves will walk up and down streets looking into parked vehicles and also flipping door handles, in an attempt to see what vehicle is not locked or has a security device on it.  The device can be a steering wheel lock, an actual vehicle alarm or just a light that flashes on and off as if it is a vehicle alarm.  Once a thief see’s something that makes it hard to get inside the vehicle, or will draw a lot of attention as they are trying to get inside, they will move on to a easier target.  Don’t be that easy target.

We are also noticing that juveniles are committing these crimes as well as adults.   Most of these juveniles are not being reported as they are casing residences and vehicles, and loitering in your neighborhoods.  There is a huge difference between kids walking to and from school, going to a friend’s house and things like that.  Rather than kids loitering, in the area, looking into windows of vehicles and residences, looking over fences.  If it doesn’t look right, then it’s not right.  Go with your gut and call the police.

Another issue in the Northwest San Pedro area and all of San Pedro for that matter is unsafe skateboarding on the streets of San Pedro.  This has become a huge concern for the citizens of San Pedro, as I get calls and e-mails on this daily.  Now let’s get this straight first.  We are not talking about the kids skateboarding in a safe and law abiding manner.  I am talking about the skateboarders who are skateboarding down hills, through posted stop signs, drafting behind vehicles, weaving in and out of lanes, and all of this without any regard for public safety, or even the skateboarders safety.  If you see groups of kids skateboarding in a reckless or dangerous manner please call the police to report it. It lets us (the police) know what general area the group will be in.  That way if there is an available unit, that unit will respond and attempt to deal with it.

I wanted to take a quick second and speak about school safety, due to the recent events throughout the country.  I wanted to let everyone know that the Los Angeles Police Department puts school safety as a high priority; we always have and always will.  We will be monitoring the schools in each of our divisions, conducting checks with school staff, and checking the inside and outside perimeters.  If anyone has any questions regarding anything that has to do with this issue, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You may call my cell or e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding your neighborhood, or the North West San Pedro area, please feel free to contact me at 310-869-2067, or e-mail me at Also if you would like to start a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood, contact me with all of your information, and I will set up a meeting to discuss how to begin the process.

For any gang related issues or questions please call Harbor Divisions gang unit at 310-726-7891.

For any narcotic related issues or questions please call Harbor Divisions narcotic unit at 310-726-7840.

For any vice related issues please call Harbor Divisions vice unit at 310-726-7954.

Harbor City  5A11
Senior Lead Officer – Art Ashcraft (310) 869-2106
E-mail address:

Crime Trends

Crime trends for the month of April of 2014. 

Crime trends for the month of April for Harbor City and all of Harbor Division for that matter, continues to be Property Crimes such as Burglaries from Motor Vehicles, Residential Burglaries, Vandalism and GTA’s.  Also aggressive Pan Handlers have been in the area, possibly casing locations for future Burglaries.  Please do not buy things from people selling door to door, and specifically do not give any of your personal information to them.  As far as Residential Burglaries, please remember to always lock and secure your windows and doors.  Also report any unusual activity in and around your home and neighbors residences.  Be advised that juveniles are some of our suspects who are breaking into homes, vehicles and stealing the vehicles.  So please be observant of everyone loitering in and around your homes and vehicles.  If you see a group of juveniles out during school hours, please call our front desk (310-726-7700) and report it.  At least the front desk can put out the word out to the officers that the juveniles were seen in and around a certain area.  Our own Senior Lead Officers from Harbor Division take it upon themselves to organize their own Task Forces and work the areas in Harbor Division that have been hit hard with crimes.  We make numerous arrests, along with the hard working patrol officers, but we won’t be able to arrest ourselves out of this problem.  Let’s not be easy targets.  We need to remain vigilant, and constantly be aware of our surroundings.

As we all know times are tough for everybody.  A certain element likes to take advantage of that.  Let’s work together in being better neighbors and look out for one another. Remember criminals have all day and night to think about doing bad deeds, and just have to get lucky once.  We have to remain vigilant 24/7.  Let’s also try and remember to take all valuables out of our vehicles when we exit them.  Let’s do this whether we are parking our vehicles in our driveways, in front of our houses or apartments, or whether we are going to the store, work or school.  Let’s not leave anything to chance, and let’s not give anyone the opportunity to take advantage of us. 

We also know that skateboarding has become a big issue in Harbor Division.  It’s not all of the skateboarders in Harbor Division, most follow the rules of the road and are courteous to those around them.  But there is a large amount of skateboarders that are not following the rules of the road, and are not being courteous to those around them.  Those skateboarders are becoming a safety issue in streets.  LAPD has worked in conjunction with Councilman Buscaino of CD15 to make the skateboarders have to follow the rules of the road just like bicyclists. I know this is a large concern to MANY.  Officers will be in and around Harbor Division monitoring the skateboarding, and will cite any offender violating the vehicle code.

I have been getting complaints of solicitors coming around more, at odd hours, and sometimes being aggressive as they ask for information or purchases.  Please, if anyone feels like the solicitors are becoming aggressive or becoming a nuisance, don’t hesitate in calling the police and letting us find out what they are up to.  Sometimes these solicitors are trying to get personal information from you, or trying to see when or if you are home.  So the call into the police is very helpful to us, in just figuring out who these people are and what they are up to.

I have also been getting numerous complaints of people digging through trash bins and recyclable bins, leaving a large mess.  But I have also been getting reports that some of these people are also looking into vehicles and homes during the early morning hours they are there.  Please call the police when you see these people going through your things.  I know it does not sound like that big of a problem, but it could be the key to making some great arrests for burglary and burglaries from motor vehicles.

Prevention for Car Burglaries and Vehicle Thefts

•    Avoid leaving your car running with the doors unlocked and windows down
•    Avoid leaving valuables in plain view of passing pedestrians
•    Install anti-theft devices such as, alarm systems and ignition cut-off switches
•    Park in well lighted areas
•    Consider the installation of a portable steering wheel lock
•    Avoid leaving hidden spare keys where suspects can easily find them
•    Make sure to lock your vehicle.
•    Report all suspicious activity to police immediately
•    Consider starting a neighborhood watch program 


Consider becoming a Block Captain and forming a Neighborhood Watch Program.
Block Captains training sessions are available for any community member that wants it. If you have any question please call Senior Lead Officer Ashcraft  310-869-2106.

To report Narcotic activity in Harbor City, please call the Harbor Station Narcotics Detectives at
(310) 726-7840.  You can make the call anonymous or please leave a message.

To report Gang Activity in Harbor City, Please call the Harbor Area Gang Enforcement Detail at
(310) 726-7891.

For a complete list of home and business tips, please search the LAPD's online home security information section.

Wilmington- District 5A25
Senior Lead Officer- Shawn Crabbe Serial #33841 Cell Phone-310-869-2173
E-Mail Address-:

Crime Trends

Crime in the west Wilmington area has been limited. There are still thefts of motor vehicles occurring though. Please remember to lock your vehicles and remove any valuable items at all times. Harbor Station still offers steering wheel locks for sale at the front desk. Remember, these steering wheel locks are one of the best ways to secure your vehicle.

Please call 911 if you observe any groups of gang members loitering or associating. Wilmington has an active gang injunction and it is against the law for Westside and Eastside Wilmas gang members to associate with each other in public.

Quality of Life
If you are interested in starting a “Neighborhood Watch” program in your area, please feel free to contact me at 310-269-2173.

Please remember that you are only allowed one yard sale every 6 months. The Wilmington area has an increased number of yard sales in the past few months. Please contact me at 310-869-2173 if you have issues in your neighborhood with excessive yard sales.

During the month of April, we will be conducting a task force to enforce illegal vending throughout the area. This will be an ongoing effort to target these illegal vendors. If you have a specific problem, please feel free to phone or email me with the information.

We will also be actively enforcing recreational vehicle parking in the area. Please let me know if see or know of anyone living and sleeping in these parked RV’s.

I will also continue to enforce the Wilmington gang injunction within the Wilmington Safety Zone. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you know of any location where gang members are congregating and creating a nuisance. Just to remind you that the Wilmington gang injunction prevents documented gang members from associating in public. In addition, they must stay away from alcohol, narcotics and they must obey all laws.

Neighborhood Events and Meetings
Spanish C-PAB meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm.
Harbor Station 2175 John S. Gibson, San Pedro

Wilmington Neighborhood Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6pm.Location: 1371 N. Eubank Av.

San Pedro - District 5A59
Senior Lead Officer - Andrey Wilkins (310) 869-2138
E-mail address:

I am the new Senior Lead Officer for the down town area of San Pedro. My area covers south from N Front Street, North to Crescent Ave, West to Pacific Ave And East to Terminal Island.

Crime Trends

Block Captains training sessions are available for any community. If you have any question please call Senior Lead Officer Wilkins at 310-869- 2138

To report Narcotic activity in San Pedro, Please call the Harbor Station Narcotics Detectives at (310) 726-7840.  You can make the call anonymous or please leave a message.

To report Gang Activity in San Pedro, Please call the Harbor Area Gang Enforcement Detail at (310) 726-7891.


For a complete list of home and business tips, please search the LAPD's online home security information section.

    Talking with Kids About Drugs

Don’t put off talking to your children about alcohol and other drugs. As early as fourth grade, kids worry about pressures to try drugs. School programs alone aren’t enough. Parents must become involved, but most parents aren’t sure how to tell their children about drugs. Open communication is one of the most effective tools you can use in helping your child avoid drug use. Talking freely and really listening show children that they mean a great deal to you.

What do you say?
•    Tell them that you love them and you want them to be healthy and happy.
•    Say you do not find alcohol and other illegal drugs acceptable.
•    Many parents never state this simple principle. Explain how this use hurts people. Physical harm - for example, AIDS, slowed growth, impaired coordination, accidents. Emotional harm - sense of not belonging, isolation, paranoia. Educational harm - difficulties remembering and paying attention.
•    Discuss the legal issues. A conviction for a drug offense can lead to time in prison or cost someone a job, driver’s license, or college loan.
•    Talk about positive, drug-free alternatives, and how you can explore them together. Some ideas include sports, reading, movies, bike rides, hikes, camping, cooking, games, and concerts. Involve your kids’ friends.
How do you say it?
•    Calmly and openly - don’t exaggerate. The facts speak for themselves.
•    Face to face - exchange information and try to understand each other’s point of view. Be an active listener and let your child talk about fears and concerns. Don’t interrupt and don’t preach.
•    Through "teachable moments" - in contrast to a formal lecture, use a variety of situations - television news, TV dramas, books, newspaper.
•    Establish an ongoing conversation rather than giving a one-time speech.
•    Remember that you set the example. Avoid contradictions between your words and your actions. Don’t use illegal drugs, period!
•    Be creative! You and your child might act out various situation in which one person tries to pressure another to take a drug. Figure out two or three ways to handle each situation and talk about which works best. Exchange ideas with other parents.
How can I tell if a child is using drugs?
Identifying illegal drug use may help prevent further abuse. Possible signs include:
•    Change in moods - more irritable, secretive, withdrawn, overly sensitive, inappropriately angry, euphoric. Less responsible - late coming home, late for school or class, dishonest.
•    Changing friends or changing lifestyles - new interests, unexplained cash.
•    Physical deterioration - difficulty in concentration, loss of coordination, loss of weight, unhealthy appearance.
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