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Margarita Amador, Outstanding Community Member

Margarita Amador

Outstanding Community Member

Margarita Amador is a long time resident of Pico Gardens, current resident of Boyle Heights.  Married 17 years to Frederick and they have 4 children.  Margarita’s passion is to help others in any way possible; she is very resourceful and can build strong relationships with people she comes in contact with. She is the Girl Scout leader for the only Girl Scout troop in Boyle Height, Troop 1745 which serves girls ages 4-18 residing in and around the Pico Aliso/Pueblo del Sol housing developments.  In 2001 was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Award by the Angeles Girl Scout Council.

Margarita Amador worked 14 years with the City of Los Angeles Housing Authority.  She played a major role in building relationships between the residents and the Housing Authority during the redevelopment of Pico- Aliso/ Aliso Village.  She served as the PTA President for Dolores Mission School for 4 years, and in 2003 was awarded the Humanitarian Award.  Margarita brought in an abundance of resources for the school, such as securing bus transportation, school supplies, and sports equipment.  She served as the President of the Aliso Pico Recreation Center Park Advisory Board for 1 year.

Margarita currently serves as the Secretary of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, she is very efficient as the Secretary, she devotes countless hours of her time to ensuring that the Board and Community receives the information on a timely manner.

Margarita was nominated for the 2009 Pioneer Woman of the Year for the 14th District by Councilman Jose Huizar for her dedication and contribution to Boyle Heights.

Margarita is currently the Co- Chair of the Hollenbeck Police Advisory Board.  Margarita was selected by the Central Bureau farmer Deputy Chief Sergio Diaz as the LAPD Partner of the Week, in 2008.  She is currently a member of the Coalition for a Drug Free Community in Boyle Heights.

Margarita Amador’s contributions to community policing:

Community Police Advisory Board

BHNC, Girl Scouts

Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council

She is a sponsor of the National Night Out for the Hollenbeck Area.  She provides most of the food and refreshments for the 2008 and 2009 NNO event.   

PTA President at Santa Teresita School

In 2012 Margarita was nominated for the Citizens Service before Self Honors, it is the civilian equivalent to the military Medal of Honor.  In May of 2013, she graduated from the Crisis Response Team (CRT).  The CRT program is sponsored by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  This program requires a deep personal commitment and dedication to complete the course.