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Hollenbeck Employee of the Quarter

Police Officer III Donald Bender & Police Officer III Candice Foster

Police Officer III Donald Bender,  Serial No. 25776
Police Officer III Candice Foster, Serial No.

During the months of January through March, 2010, Officers Donald Bender and Candice Foster distinguished themselves as one of the most efficient and productive Training Units on the Department.

During these months, the Department set a goal to train 90% of personnel within four months on the following courses: Multiple Attack Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC), Perishable Skills Training (PST), and Threat-8 Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Certification training.  Additionally, two other courses had to be put on for the entire division which affected officer safety issues and concerns: The Metro Gold Line Rail training and Plainclothes Officer Safety Class.

Due to all the above training occurring at the same time, the Training Unit had to come up with a plan to get all the above training completed and not deplete valuable field resources from accomplishing their mission.  Bender and Foster developed a plan to accomplish this and also to get 95% of Hollenbeck personnel in compliance with the Department's training goal.

In order to get more officers trained in a shorter period and still maintain a high level of service to the public, officers contacted outside instructors  and scheduled them to come to the division to provide the training to officers at Hollenbeck Division by splitting the watch.  This allowed officers to complete their regular work shift assignment once the training was done.  This was an outstanding plan which allowed Hollenbeck Area to exceed the goal set by the Department while reducing crime and maintain a high level of service to the community.
In addition to scheduling officers to attend MACTAC, PST, AND WMD courses, the Training Unit was also responsible of scheduling personnel (sworn and civilian) for other mandated Department and outside training courses.  Over this period, the Training Unit average scheduling 192 officers for training per month and more then 2,472 hours of training per month to track and account for.

Officers Bender and Foster did an outstanding job of scheduling, tracking and entering the training into officers' Learning Management System to reflect their training.  Their commitment to training not only ensured all Hollenbeck personnel  were in compliance with all Department and Consent Decree mandated training, but that officers received valuable officer safety training as well.