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Hollenbeck C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Hollenbeck Area
Community-Police Advisory Board

Hollenbeck Area
May 15, 2013

C-PAB Members in Attendance

Margarita Amador, Vera Del Pozo, Frank Wada, Raelene Allard, Mark Overstreet, Ken Kallman, Hector Elizalde, Rowena Lagrosa, Jim Pinon

Hollenbeck Personnel

Captain Anita Ortega, Officer Anthony Macklin, Senior Lead Officers (SLO’s) Joe Chacon, Joel Perez, Oscar Casini,


Sal Martinez, Tammy Membreno, Hector Hernandez, Ernest Sanchez, Ernest Sanchez Sr. Jose Cantu


Community Members, Martha Cisneros, Community Activist, Ofelia Loera, Art Torres, Phillip Del Pozo, Richard Johansson, Yolie Garcia, Richard Romero, Diana Ybarra

Meeting Called to Order

Captain Anita I. Ortega called the meeting to order at approximately 6:05 p.m.  The meeting was held at the California State University at the Public Safety Building and adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Welcome and Introduction

Hollenbeck C-PAB and Department members were introduced and participated in the pledge of allegiance.  

Approval of Minutes

The minutes for March 2013 were approved.  

CO Chair Report

C-PAB Co-Chair Margarita Amador gave an overview of the CPAB symposium that she and Captain Anita I. Ortega attended.   Ms. Amador said that the symposium addressed CPAB membership concerns such as membership attendance and participation.  The symposium talked about setting goals.

Co-Chair Report Cont.:

Ms. Amador asked the board members to be mindful of the by-laws policy on attendance. She then thanked the Senior Lead Officers for distributing resource and crime prevention information in the community. 

Hollenbeck Area C-PAB Minutes
May 15, 2013
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Co Chair Report Cont.:

Board member brought up different goals that the CPAB should achieve and they gave examples, such as neighborhood watch training and said it should be a focus of the CPAB, safe passage meetings should be attended by CPAB. 

Captain’s Report

Captain Anita I. Ortega provided the crime update for the past COMPSTAT report and Captain said that in the Hollenbeck Division has experienced a decrease in property crime more specific in GTA’s.  Hollenbeck has had 9 homicides year to date. 

Senior Lead Officer Report

Joel Perez, 4SLO97 reported 5 BFMV in the last five weeks. 

Joe Chacon, 4SLO71 nothing to report.

Oscar Casini, 4SLO59 reported 1 BFMV in the last two weeks.

Old Business

Ms. Amador followed up on the project of CPAB hosting a toy gun exchange and this event was discussed at CPAB two months ago. The board has committed to sponsoring the project and a project meeting was set for May 23, 2013 at 6:00 pm at the Hollenbeck Station to discuss the dates, time and parameters of the project.

New Business

Ms. Amador announced the date of the National Night Out event to be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2013.  She said the information will be advertised on Facebook.

Dates to Remember
June 19, 2013
C-PAB Meeting
Hollenbeck Community Room
Meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.