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David C. Storaker, Captain III

David C. Storaker

Captain III
Communications Division

email Captain Dave Storaker spent
much of his childhood in the San Fernando Valley where he graduated
from James Monroe High School in North Hills. From there, he
graduated from UCLA and entered the Los Angeles Police Academy in
the summer of 1983.

As an officer, Captain Storaker was assigned to patrol, CRASH, and
a footbeat. He also trained probationary officers and wrote Office
of Operations Orders.

In 1991, he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Newton Area,
North Hollywood Area, Personnel Division, Internal Affairs Group,
and the Inspector General's Office.

In 2000, he was promoted to Lieutenant where he served as a Watch
Commander, an Officer in Charge of Gang and Narcotic Intervention
and Enforcement, a Commanding Officer in charge of Detectives, and
the Adjutant to the Chief of Detectives.

Since 1983, Captain Storaker has fostered quality relationships
with Department personnel and community members. In 2014, he was
promoted to the rank of Captain in the Hollywood Area as the Patrol
Commanding Officer. In 2015, Captain Storaker moved to Olympic
Area, where he also led the Patrol personnel. In 2016, Captain
Storaker was again promoted to the Commanding Officer of
Communications Division where he oversees over 500 Dispatchers who
serve the City of Los Angeles.


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