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Hollywood Division Goals

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Hollywood Community Police Station to work with the community, as well as other public and private agencies, to improve the quality of life in the Hollywood Area. We will strive to provide a safe environment that will promote business, encourage tourism, and revitalize our neighborhoods.

Goals/Command Emphasis

1. Reduce the number of blighted enclaves through reduction of graffiti, improvement in street lighting, and removal of homeless encampments.

2. Reduce Part I crime, violent crime and juvenile crime by ten percent.

3. Fully embrace and implement the federal consent decree through training, monitoring and auditing.

4. Reduce "a" and "k" traffic collisions by five percent.

5. Reduce personnel complaints in the area of failure to qualify, failure to appear, preventable traffic collisions, discourtesy and off-duty behavior.

6. Continue to develop the Hollywood area team into a cohesive unit with improved productivity and healthy working attitudes through visible and progressive leadership.

7. Reduce employee sick time by 10%

Hollywood Area Operation Support Division Goals

8. Increase the number of total crimes cleared by five percent.

9. Reduce the backlog of all overdues to less than 125 cases.

10. Reduce the turnaround time on 1.28 investigations to less than 120 days.


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Hollywood Division Goals

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Gary Minzer, Outstanding Community Member
Gary Minzer
Outstanding Community Member