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Hollywood C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Hollywood Area
Community Police Advisory Board

October 29, 2013
    5:30pm / 7:00pm  

Welcome to Hollywood & Introductions

Gary Minzer made opening remarks and called the meeting to order. Round robin introductions were made. Gary introduced the new Hollywood command staff.

Area Captain Pete Zarcone and Patrol Captain Cory Palka.

Crime Incidents & Statistics Recap / Constitutional Policing

Captain Zarcone provided an update on crime trends in Hollywood. Crime rates continued to decrease in all categories following a pattern over the past year, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto, which remains a concern. The Captain discussed his opinion on existing liquor licenses as opposed to new liquor license applications. He also discussed a pilot program involving the Business Improvement Districts and Private security, to increase visibility during night time hours.  Among other topics were the Halloween deployment plan for 2013, the municipal ordinance pertaining to Tour Bus operations and street vending issues. Steve Whiddon and Sharon Shapiro from their respective council districts also contributed to the Tour Bus discussion.  Captain Palka discussed his background and the importance of integrity and fairness in policing.

2013 Annual C-PAB Summit

Sergeant Darrell Davis reminded the Board of the upcoming C-PAB Summit on November 9th 2013 at the Biltmore Hotel.

City Council Reports

Steve Whiddon of Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s staff mentioned a recent event at My Friends Place for homeless children and the upcoming meeting regarding valet ordinances.

Sharon Shapiro of Councilmember La Bonge’s staff announced a motion sponsored by her office regarding emergency Preparedness, and the Neighborhood Council elections.

Deputy City Attorney

Andre Quintero the Hollywood Neighborhood Prosecutor discussed Stay Away orders for aggressive and potentially violent individuals in the aftermath of the fatal stabbing earlier this year at Hollywood and Highland.  Andre also discussed a motion to restrict commercial House Parties. Gary Minzer lauded the efforts made in regulating these events, which adversely affect the quality of life in some neighborhoods.

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Special Guest

Senior Lead Officer Julie Nony introduced Erika Hartman of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, she is working with Officer Nony on youth related issues. 

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Lana Skylar of the Health Department discussed her agencies more traditional approach to emergency preparedness, by expanding the coalition to seek input on what resources are needed. Sergeant Darrell Davis thanked Lana, Dietrich Nelson and Sharon Shapiro for their efforts in making the recent Hollywood Emergency Preparedness Fair a success. Sergeant Davis advised the Board of plans to conduct another Preparedness event in the summer of 2014.


Homeless: Heather Carmichael spoke about the S.T.A.R.S program which would enhance the partnership with the Department of Mental Health.

Neighborhood Councils

Central Hollywood: Scott Campbell advised on this Councils Youth Homeless Program.

Hollywood Hills West: Valorie Keegan warned the Board members of a scam involving individuals seeking to gain entry into residences by posing as inspectors from the Fire Department, or other official organizations.

C-PAB Website

Bruce Remick continues his work with the Hollywood C-PAB Website.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted by Arthur M Holmes Jr.


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Gary Minzer, Outstanding Community Member
Gary Minzer
Outstanding Community Member