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Laura Filatoff, Commanding Officer

Laura Filatoff

Commanding Officer
Fiscal Operations Division

email Police Administrator Laura Filatoff is the Commanding Officer of Fiscal Operations Division. Fiscal Operations Division is responsible for the fiscal management and financial integrity of the LAPD. These responsibilities include: the processing of payroll for over 13,000 sworn and civilian employees; development, execution and control of a $1.0 billion budget; Fair Labor Standards Act compliance; processing payment to vendors; the ordering and procurement of a wide range of supplies and equipment required for the Police Department; financial audits of various Department entities and cost recovery for various grants and contracts with the Department.

The Commanding Officer of Fiscal Operations Division interacts on a regular basis with the City Administrative Officer, Mayor’s Office, City Controller and City Councilmember staff to address the financial needs of the Department.

Ms. Filatoff’s career includes: coordinator of employee involvement programs at the Department of Water and Power; five years as a Budget Analyst with the City Administrative Officer and the development of the Citywide Return to Work Program for the Personnel Department. Ms. Filatoff has worked in the Police Department for the past 10 years, most recently as the Officer-in-Charge of the Budget and Revenue Section.

Ms. Filatoff holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Claremont Graduate School.