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Motion Picture Work Permit Detail

Contract Services Section
Motion Picture Work Permit Detail
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Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Background:  For many years, the film industry has utilized retired and active off-duty police officers in the Department uniform to provide crowd and traffic control at motion picture/television filming locations throughout the City of Los Angeles.  While this has provided significant benefits to the film industry and the City in controlling crowds and moving traffic, it also created some concerns for both entities. 

Due to the increasing number of film productions occurring within Los Angeles, Retired Police Officers are used only for traffic and crowd control at these filming locations.  The retired police officers are not Department employees and no longer have peace officers status, therefore, they are not subject to the Department’s regular disciplinary system.  However, there are two areas in which the Department has authority over retired officers.  The first is the concealed weapons permit and the second is the overall work permit to work in uniform at motion picture/television filming locations.

Contract Services Section was established to exercise oversight of the retired and active off-duty officers employed by production companies at filming locations while in the Department uniform. 
The primary duties of Contact Services Section are as follows:
  • Enforcement of the Motion Picture Television Filming Work Permit requirements by conducting Citywide random filming location audits;
  • Liaison for the motion picture/television industry and the affected community stakeholders;
  • Ensure that officers employed at filming locations appropriately comply with the permit conditions/restrictions;
  • Liaison with involved City entities (FilmLA, Council Staff, City Attorney, City Administrative Officer, Los Angeles City Fire Department and other law enforcement agencies); and,
  • Investigate and facilitate the final review, approval, adjudication and tracking of complaint investigations involving retired police officers.
If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Sergeant Chuck Slater at 213-486-0410.