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Property Division

180 N. Los Angeles Street
B Level
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The mission of Property Division is to serve all of the diverse communities of the City of Los Angeles by properly receiving, documenting, safeguarding, preparing for release, releasing and destroying items booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department. In furtherance of this commitment, releasing or shipping items to other law enforcement agencies for release to owners and submission of items and information for court proceedings are additional responsibilities. Property Division is also required to safeguard non-evidence, such as found items, for times specified by law and to maintain Excess Personal Property of LAPD prisoners for release or destruction. The position of Commanding Officer of Property Division is Police Administrator Sandra Russell.

Property Division serves the 21 geographic divisions of the Los Angeles Police Department as well as the following outside agencies: California Highway Patrol; California State University Police; Los Angeles County Public Safety Police; Los Angeles Community College District Police; Los Angeles Housing Authority Police; Los Angeles Unified School District Police; Los Angeles Department of Airports Police; Los Angeles Port Warden; Los Angeles Department of Transportation Investigation Division; Los Angeles Department of General Services Security Police Division; Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Park Rangers; and the University of Southern California Campus Police.

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