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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Media Relations

Police Commission Announces Abridged Summaries of Categorical Use of Force Cases Now Online

Los Angeles:† Following a historic Police Commission decision last year, abridged summaries of Categorical Use of Force incidents are now readily available on the Department's Web site,† These summaries are prepared by the Office of the Inspector General and include a summary of the incident and a review of the Police Commissionís findings.† Providing unprecedented information to the public, yet still respecting personnel issues, the reports do not include the names of the involved officers.† Summaries will be available for all incidents adjudicated by the Board of Police Commissioners after January 1, 2006.

"This is a big step towards transparency," stated Los Angeles Police Commission President John W. Mack.† "We are very pleased that this information is now available for the community that we serve."

The reports may be found by going to, clicking on Police Commission, and then clicking on Summaries of Use of Force Incidents.† These reports are also available at the Offices of the Police Commission, 150 North Los Angeles Street, Room 150, Los Angeles.