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June 2012

06/30/12 - Argument Escalated Between Two Men; Victim Shot and Killed NR12304rh

06/30/12 - Sobriety Checkpoint

06/29/12 - Hollenbeck Detectives are Investigating a Shooting Death NR123003df

06/29/12 - Hollenbeck Detectives are Investigating a Shooting Death NR12303df

06/29/12 - Suspect with a Knife Lunges at Officers NR12306

06/29/12 - Hollenbeck Detectives are Investigating a Shooting Death NR123003df

06/29/12 - Man Dies from Hit-and-Run Collision NR12302df

06/29/12 - Impaired Drivers at Sobriety Checkpoint

06/28/12 - Information Sought Regarding the Teardrop Rapist NR12301rf

06/28/12 - Two Men Gunned Down While Standing on Sidewalk NR12300df

06/28/12 - Three Arrested for Attempted Murder of a Pregnant Woman NR12299kr

06/28/12 - LAPD & LAFD Join to Help Toddler Burn Victims NA12149bb

06/27/12 - False Alarm Reduction Program is a Success at LAPD

06/27/12 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers at Checkpoint NA12146kr

06/26/12 - School Employee Arrested for Child Endangerment NA12145rh

06/26/12 - Traffic Collision Leaves One Dead NR12294rh

06/26/12 - Man Missing from Mission Area NR12293kr

06/26/12 - School Employee Arrested for Child Endangerment NR12291rh

06/26/12 - Near Drownings in Arleta NR12292jr

06/26/12 - Woman Missing From South Los Angeles NR12286kr

06/25/12 - National Vehicle Protection Month LoJack Demonstration

06/22/12 - Suspects Arrested for Attempted Bribery of Housing Authority Employee; Multi-Agency Operation Nets Multiple Arrests NR12285bb

06/22/12 - LAPD Hosts Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender and Questioning Community Forum

06/22/12 - Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested by Foothill Gang Officers NR12290an

06/21/12 - “Roll Call in the Streets” Mobile Community Sub Station Deployment

06/21/12 - 19-Year-Old Woman Killed in Traffic Collision NR12284kr

06/21/12 - Two Men Gunned Down in Broad Daylight NR12283kr

06/21/12 - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Two Hit and Run Drivers NR12288kr

06/21/12 - Charred Body Found in Brush Fire NR12287kr

06/21/12 - Missing Foreign Exchange Student NR12282kr

06/21/12 - LAPD on the Lookout for Impaired Drivers at Checkpoint NA12136rf

06/20/12 - Warrants Served, Arrests Made at Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and a Residence NR12281kr

06/20/12 - $50,000 Reward for Palms Assault Victim

06/20/12 - Topanga Area Medical Marijuana Bust

06/20/12 - LAPD Topanga Division Announces Native Landscaping Project Community Partnership to Maintain Eco-Friendly Garden Includes Student Workers NA12130rf

06/19/12 - 2012 Celebrity Game for Change NA12138bb

06/19/12 - 69-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12278bb

06/19/12 - 71-Year-Old Missing Woman NR12277bb

06/19/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols

06/18/12 - A Local Man Robbed Two Young Women of their Purses NR12276rh

06/15/12 - Man Dies as a Result of a Traffic Collision in Central Area NR12275cj

06/14/12 - LAPD Wilshire Officers Arrest Serial Window Smash Burglars NR12273cj

06/14/12 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

06/14/12 - A Pursuit Ended off the 170 Freeway Suspect Dead at Scene NR12274rh

06/14/12 - Street Closures for Langer's 65th Anniversary Event

06/14/12 - Los Angeles Kings Parade Media Information

06/13/12 - LAPD Hosts Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Police Academy Graduation NA12133rf

06/13/12 - Gang Member Charged with Murder NR12271bb

06/13/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

06/13/12 - 19-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12270wr

06/13/12 - Officer Involved Shooting with no Hits in West Los Angeles NR12272cj

06/13/12 - Work of Internationally Renowned Artist to Be Exhibited in LAPD Lobby Artist Creates Metal Sculptures from Recycled Firearms

06/12/12 - 18-Year-Old Girl Shot to Death NR12269rf

06/11/12 - 62-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR12267wr

06/11/12 - Detectives Warn the Public about “Distraction Burglars” NR12266cj

06/11/12 - 18-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR12268wr

06/10/12 - Dead Body Found Inside Car NR12264gb

06/08/12 - Record Setting Number of LAPD Cadets to Graduate at The Cadet Program “GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION”

06/08/12 - Hit and Run Driver Leaves Cyclist Dead NR12258ne

06/08/12 - Suspect Aims Gun at Officer in South Los Angeles NR12262gb

06/08/12 - Pets Left in Motor Vehicles, An Easily Preventable Crime NR12259ne

06/08/12 - Man found Lying on the Roadway NR12261rh

06/08/12 - Let the Buyer Beware: Don’t Buy Event Tickets off the Street NR12260pv

06/07/12 - Detectives Investigate a Murder in Venice NR12255cj

06/07/12 - $50,000 Reward for Murder of Venice Man

06/07/12 - Suspect Wanted for Kidnapping Victim and Car have been Found NR12257rh

06/06/12 - Los Angeles Kings - Game #4

06/06/12 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

06/06/12 - LAPD & LAFD 2012 Safe Summer Tip-Off Event Actor and Comedian Arsenio Hall, to serve as Master of Ceremonies

06/06/12 - 57-Year-Old Missing Man NR12254wr

06/06/12 - Heavily Armed Suspect Points Gun at Police Officer Involved Shooting Occurred NR122450kr

06/06/12 - Italian Tourist now a Missing Person NR12223kr

06/05/12 - Venice Man Found Dead NR12253bb

06/05/12 - Child Killed by Gunfire in South L.A. NR12252bb

06/04/12 - Violent Felon Charged with Numerous Counts of Burglary Sought NR122448wr

06/04/12 - LAPD Officer’s Mother Found Shot to Death inside her Home NR122449kr

06/03/12 - LAPD Displays Recovered Jewelry and Property NA12121an

06/02/12 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Murder at Apartment Complex NR12247wr

06/01/12 - On Going Investigation Knock Knock Burglary Seizures NR12246cj