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Operations Section of the Juvenile Division

100 West First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Operations Section is Juvenile Division’s staff support team. It consists of the following units: Special Services Unit, Youth Programs Unit, Referral/Training Unit, and Bureau Consultants Unit.

Special Services Unit

In the Special Services Unit, research information and statistical data are gathered and maintained on Juvenile-related issues. Training programs are sought out and scheduled for Division staff. Proposed legislation is analyzed and a recommendation concerning a City position is made.

Youth Programs Unit

The Youth Programs Unit administers the Department’s Law Enforcement Cadet Program. During the past 30 years, thousands of participating young men and women have contributed millions of hours of volunteer service to the Department and community. This program enables youth to explore the possibility of a career in law enforcement.

Referral/Training Unit

The major thrust of the work of the Referral/Training Unit is to reduce juvenile crime recidivism and prevent first- and second-time offenders from becoming true hard-core juvenile delinquents. The Referral Unit evaluates community resources and maintains files on responsible referral agencies. The Unit also determines whether or not the referral agency’s methods, philosophies, and reputation are solid. Additionally, the Unit is responsible for coordinating the Department's Juvenile Procedures School and ensuring that the Division’s personnel receive appropriate and timely training.

Bureau Consultants Unit

The Bureau Consultants Unit provides instruction to Department personnel, other governmental agencies, and the public on juvenile related matters. Members of the Unit serve on the Board of Directors of the University of Southern California’s Delinquency Control Institute Alumni Association. This institute is considered the most professional and prestigious training for juvenile justice practitioners in the country. Additionally, the Bureau Consultants are the Department's representatives to and maintain liaison with the Probation Department, California Youth Authority, Juvenile Court, District Attorney, Public Defender, Los Angeles Unified School District, the Department of Children and Family Services, and other juvenile related multi-disciplinary groups within Los Angeles County.