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Rosa Moreno, Captain III

Rosa Moreno

Captain III

email Captain Roseira "Rosa"
is a 25 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police
Department. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and entered the
Los Angeles Police Department on July 22, 1985. Upon graduation
from the police academy, she was assigned to 77th Street Area where
she worked patrol and traffic enforcement. Upon completion of her
probationary training, she was then transferred to Central Area for
a short time before being reassigned to the Bureau of Special
Investigations. There she earned a Meritorious Unit Citation for
coordinating the Department's first international Drug Abuse
Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.) conference in August

In 1989 she transferred to Newton Street Area where she worked a
variety of assignments including: patrol, gangs, vice and the
Special Problems Unit. Her Spanish speaking abilities enabled her
to assist community members and Newton detectives with various
investigations. As a Detective Trainee she worked a variety of
assignments before being promoted to the rank of Detective in 1994.
She was transferred to Wilshire Area as a Detective I and quickly
promoted to Detective II. During her time at Wilshire she
investigated homicides, sexual assaults, gangs, robberies, and
major assault crimes. In March 1995, she was selected as the
Detective of the Quarter and in January 1996 she was selected as
Detective of the Year and was awarded the Hue and Cry Award.

In 1998 she left Wilshire Area to participate in the Department's
Supervisory Cross Training Program as a field supervisor in Newton
Area. After completing the year long program, she transferred back
to Wilshire as a Detective II where she trained newly promoted
detectives and helped supervise robbery and major assault crimes.
She was promoted to Detective III and continued her assignment as a
detective supervisor until 2003 when she was selected as the West
Bureau Gang Coordinator.

In 2004, she transferred to the Civil Rights Integrity Division
where her experience as the Bureau Gang Coordinator helped her to
manage numerous projects dealing with gangs, complaint
investigations and department training requirements. She assisted
the federal monitors with research and helped them understand
Department policies and procedures in dealing with various subject
matters. In 2006 she was selected as the Captain's adjutant and
was assigned a variety of administrative responsibilities.

In 2007, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to
Rampart Area as one of three District Lieutenants. There she
performed her duties of Watch Commander, Senior Lead coordinator
and liaison to several community groups including the Community
Police Advisory Board for Rampart Area. At the request of the
commanding officer she returned to the Consent Decree Bureau to
assist with the completion of various projects until the
termination of the federal consent decree in July 2009.

Captain Moreno earned her Master of Science Degree from California
State University, Long Beach and graduated with honors in 2009.
She is a graduate of the Supervisory Leadership Institute, the West
Point Leadership Program and the Command Development Program.
Captain Moreno is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters.
Her eldest daughter is a graduate of the United States Naval
Academy and mother to the Captain's 8-year-old grandson.