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John Romero, Captain III

John Romero

Captain III
Commercial Crimes Division

email John A. Romero is the
Commanding Officer, RACR Division. He is a 24-year veteran of the
Los Angeles Police Department and a 26-year veteran of professional
law enforcement.

John Romero served in units of the New Mexico and California Air
National Guard from 1983 until his honorable discharge in 1993.
John first became a police officer at the University of New Mexico
Police Department and completed the State of New Mexico Police
Academy in 1984.

Since graduating from the LAPD Academy, John has worked a variety
of assignments in patrol, administration, jail operations,
community policing, criminal investigations, intelligence, gang
impact, and media relations. Immediately prior to being assigned to
Mission Patrol Division, John was the Officer in Charge of Media
Relations Section. In 2010, LAPD's Media Relations Section earned
the Radio and Television News Association's Freedom of Information
Award for unprecedented access and transparency.

In April 2004, John Romero graduated from LAPD's West Point
Leadership Institute. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from
Liberty University in 1997. In 2010, John graduated from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy.

John is a member of the FBI National Academy Associates, the
California Peace Officers Association and the Latin American Law
Enforcement Association.

John resides in the greater Los Angeles area.