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LAPD Basketball Teams

The LAPD basketball team started as a 3 on 3 team that participated in the 2009 Western States Police and Fire games, winning a Gold medal.  That team consisted of Officers Juan Rincon, Robert Reynolds, Louis Gray, Michael Flemmings, Sergeant Marc Evans and Lt. Palmer.  They were the only men's team to win a medal that year.

LAPD Men's Basketball was going through a transition.  The men's team had older players that were not quite ready to move on and younger players searching for direction.  After a disappointing finish in the Western States games, tryouts were held for a new team.  The team consisted of 15 players, including two members of the original Gold Medal 3 on 3 team.

The team's first big win was a victory in the 2010 Safe Summer Tip-Off over the LAFD.  The Western States games came soon after in Reno, Nevada.  The team fought hard and came away with a Silver Medal losing to Kern County Sheriff's in the final by 3 points.

In 2011, the LAPD Basketball team played in numerous exhibitions and community games versus various park's all star teams.  Chief Charlie Beck would often participate in these games and the result would be a friendly competitive game that would help build relationships between the Department and the community.

The following year even more players came out with an idea of representing the Department in basketball.  By the time the 2011 Western States Police and Fire Games rolled around there were two Department teams-LAPD Blue and LAPD Gold.

The LAPD Gold team fought valiantly and when matched up against LAPD Blue, gave them one of their most competitive games.  They eventually were eliminated by Oakland PD.  The LAPD Blue team ran through the competition only to be matched against Kern again, capturing the Silver Medal.  

A team comprised primarily of LAPD Blue soundly defeated the LAFD in the 2nd Annual Safe Summer tip-off.  Some players were switched to provide both teams with talent that would work better based on team chemistry.  

LAPD Blue won a Gold Medal in the 2011 World Police and Fire Games by defeating the NYFD by 20 points in the final in front of a partisan crowd.  To get to the final, LAPD had to defeat Madrid, Belgium, and several other teams in a hard fought tournament.

The teams continue to develop and evolve each year with new players and an even greater desire to properly represent the Department with an image of athleticism, professionalism and sportsmanship in both police competition and the community. Below is the roaster for the current basketball teams.


Lt II Ed Palmer Training (Coach)
PO II Jelani Janisse  WTD (Team Captain)
PO III John Derouen  Training
PO II  Deshawn Hall  Wilshire
PO III  Damian Levesque
PO I  Jason Anderson Pacific
PO II Robert Reynolds Pacific
PO II Robert Knight Pacific
PO II Tim Chung Jail
PO III Grant Goosby Southeast
PO II Geoff Lear  Hollywood
PO II Randy Allen Southwest


PO III Dave Love  (Coach)
PO II Juan Rincon Hollywood (Team Captain)
PO II Luis Valle  77th
PO II Aaron Thompson Mission
PO II Johnny Lopez  Mission
PO II Ruben Lopez  Mission
PO II David Lopez Mission
PO II Malik Wilds ESD
PO II Nataka Spencer Southwest
PO II Charles Simmering STD
PO II Fernando Barrios  Rampart