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solve a crime

Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR19228ti

Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR19206ml

Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR19171gk

Grand Theft Lottery Scam NR19113rc

Fatal Hit and Run In Rampart NR19082sr

Severe Injury Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR19081dm

Seeking Identity of Passenger in Felony DUI Investigation NR19068ti

Detectives Seeking Brazen Burglary Suspects NR19059sr

Suspect Sought in Early Morning Shooting NR19058dm

Scam Targets Elderly Victim NR19043sr

Shooting Leaves One Dead NR19016dm

Felony Hit and Run Caught on Video NR19026ml

Robbery Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video NR19018jl

Skull Mask Burglary Suspects Wanted NR18322ti

Street Racing Felony Hit and Run NR18316ti

Video of Vehicle Involved in Fatal Hit and Run Collision NR18298ml

Vehicle vs Pedestrian Felony Hit and Run NR18297ti

Burglary Suspect Caught on Video in the Hollywood Hills NR18292gk

Suspect Sexually Assaults Victim While She Slept NR18293jl

Hit and Run Fatal Involving a Pedestrian NR18277gk

Daytime Burglary Suspects Caught on Video NR18267ti

Severe Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR18265ml

Burglary Suspects Captured on Video NR18260ml

Robbery Suspect Captured on Video NR18255dm

Suspect takes Purse from Parked Vehicle NR18250ml

Suspects who Burglarized Baseball Player’s Residence Wanted NR18243ti

Detectives Seek Public’s Assistance in Locating Attempt Murder Suspect NR18241ti

Vehicle vs Motorized Scooter Hit and Run NR18233ti

Suspects Sought in Business Burglary NR18216dm

Taco Truck Robbery NR18211rh

Attempt Jewelry Robbery Suspects Wanted

Purse Snatching Bandit Targeting Local Restaurants NR18165rh

Fatal Hit and Run NA18115ml

Seeking Two Persons of Interest NR18158rh

Burglary Suspects Seen Outside Residence NR18144cn

Seeking the public’s assistance in solving a homicide NR17277rn

Pedestrian Killed by Hit and Run Motorist NR18120cn

Robbery Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video NR18116ti

Hit and Run Collision Kills Bicyclist NR18114dm

One Dead in Arleta Shooting NR17189im

Street Vendor Robbed and Brutally Assaulted NR18087dm

Robbery Homicide Division in Identifying a Suspect NR18082ma

Suspect Running Away from a Local Park with Red Hooded Sweatshirt NR18071rh

Suspect Wanted for Brutal Beating NR18046ml

Arrest of Carjacking Suspect Caught on Video NR18034ti

Hit and Run Leaves a Motorcyclist Dead NR18028ml

Local Meat Market Robbery Caught on Video NR18024ti

Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR18020ml

Robbery Suspect Captured on Surviellance Video NR18022ml

Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR18001ti

Homeless Man Stabbed to Death NR17361dm

Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR17356dm

Armed Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR17358ti

Assault with a Deadly Weapon Suspect Caught on Video NR17353ti

Restaurant Burglar Duo Caught on Tape NR17331rn

Robbery Suspects Caught on Video NR17328ml

Burglary Suspect Caught on Video NR17317dm

Grand Theft Suspect Caught on Video NR17301dm

Burglary Suspect Caught on Video at Hollywood Apartment Complex NR17203ti

Fatal Traffic Collision NR17296sr

Pass the Badge

East Hollywood Robbery Suspect Caught On Camera NR17281sr

Rash of Residential Burglaries in the Harbor Area with Images of Suspects NR17278rn

Possible Kidnap Victim NR17276ma

Robbery Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video NR17263ti

Robberies Suspect Captured on Surviellance Video NR17245ml

Bicyclist is Struck and Severely Injured by Hit and Run Driver NR17243im

Sexual Assault Suspect Sought NR17239ml

Felony Hit and Run in South LA NR17209ti

Kidnap Suspect Caught On Video NR17202sr

Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision NR17155jh

Grand Theft Suspect Wanted NR17146aj

Attempted Murder Suspect Wanted NR17145aj

PSA - Do the Right Thing

Murder Suspect Captured on Video NR17121lp

Home Burglars Caught On Video NR17065sr

Hit and Run Leaves Pedestrian in Critical Condition NR17055aj

Business Robbery Captured on Video NR17050dm

Robbery at Convenience Store Caught On Video NR17006jh

Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Surveillance NR17003im

Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Surveillance Video NR17004lp

$50,000 Reward Offered NA16379jh

Hit & Run Leaves 72-year-old woman Severely Injured NR16343sr

55-Year-Old Missing Woman NR16335dm

Officer Involved Shooting in South Los Angeles NRF063-16bm

Fatal Hit & Run Vehicle vs. Pedestrian in a wheel chair

Robbery of 72-Year-Old Woman Caught On Video NR16298dm

$15,000 Reward for Cell Phone Business Robberies NR16296jh

Chief's Message - August 2016

Commercial Burglary Suspects Sought in Studio City NR16291dm

Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR16279ml

Hot Prowl Burglary / Sexual Predator Suspect Caught on Surveillance Video NR16239ti

21-Year-Old Man Murdered NR16225dm

West LA Sexual Assault Suspect Wanted NR16212jk

Suspect Wanted for Vehicle Thefts in Surfing Community NR16211jh

Fatal Traffic Collision in Woodland Hills NR16205ml

Robbery Homicide Division Seeks the Public’s Help in Identifying Sexual Assault Suspect NR16200lp

Robberies Targeting Gardeners NR16176jh

Residential Burglary Suspect caught on Surveillance NR16173jh

Robbery Homicide Division Seeks the Public’s Help in Identifying Bank Robbery Suspects NR16175ma

Robbery Suspect Caught on Video at Local Sandwich Shop NR16171jk

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video in Beachwood Canyon Area

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video in Beachwood Canyon Area

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video in Beachwood Canyon Area

Man Shot to Death outside Downtown Nightclub NR15920rmh

Business Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera NR16147lp

Armed Robbery Caught on Camera NR16116lp

38-Year-Old Critical Missing NR16115rmh

Sexual Assault Suspect Sought NR16113ti

Los Feliz Residential Burglary Suspects Wanted NR16083lp

Strong Arm Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera

Burglary Suspects wanted in Hollywood NR16077mjl

Fatal Hit and Run with Pedestrian NR16080jk

Mail Theft Burglary Suspect wanted in Koreatown NR16039TI

Mail Theft Burglary Suspects wanted in Studio City NR16031TI

Man Killed in Harbor City NR16022rh

Church Robbery Caught on Camera NR16021rmh

Restaurant Burglars Caught on Camera NR16008rmh

Armed Robbery Suspects Caught on Camera NR15914aj

Man Assaulted in Northeast Area NR15890aj

Pick Pocket Suspects Caught On Video NR15880aj

Attempt Rape Suspect Sought NR15366rmh

Neighborhood Video Leads to Porch Pirate Arrest NR15357pv

Residential Burglary Suspects NR15347lp

Street Robberies Using Handgun NR15349aj

Assault Suspects Caught on Camera NR15335lp

Search Warrants Yield Arrests of Violent Gang Members and an Arsenal of Weapons NR15331dm

Burglary Caught on Camera NR15319mjl

Robbery Caught on Camera NR15313mjl

Burglars Caught on Camera NR15317aj

Burglary in Pacific Palisades Caught on Video NR15314rmh

Office Creeper Burglar Caught on Video NR15132lp

West Los Angeles Burglar Suspects Caught On Tape NR15304nv

Grand Theft Suspect Caught on Camera NR15295dm

Rampart Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera NR15291mjl

Road Rage Erupts Into Violence

Porch Pirates Snatch Packages NR15289pv

Office Creeper NR15287pv

Burglary Caught on Camera NR15270mjl

Devonshire Burglary from Motor Vehicle Suspect Sought NR15201ti

Child Survives Car Crash that Kills Mother NR15199jr

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video in Pacific Area NR15173ti

Man Murdered Outside His Bar NR15166lp

Burglary Suspect Caught on Video NR15146rh

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video in the West LA Area NR15149ml

Burglary Suspect Caught With Pants Down on Video NR15117dm

Burglary Suspects Caught on Video NR15110dm

Surveillance Footage Captures Carjacking at a Gas Station NR15114SF

Wilshire Burglar Caught on Camera NR15111lp

Burglary Suspect Caught on Camera NR15106ti

Injured Man Rode his Bicycle to Nearby Hospital NR15097rh

Elderly Woman Struck by Hit & Run Driver Collision Caught on Camera NR15084SF

Apartment Burglary in Wilshire Area Caught on Camera NR15078lp

Burglars Caught on Camera NR15076lp

58-year-old Male Killed by Hit and Run Driver NR15077nv

Montecito Heights Burglars Caught on Camera NR15064js

Hollywood Burglar is Ready for His Close Up NR15035jr

Vicious Robberies at Mid-town Apartment Buildings Caught on Video NR15004SF

Burglars Ransack and Steal-On Camera NR15005jr

Detectives Seeking the Public’s Help in Identifying Suspect Involved in Assault

Four Suspects Wanted for Attacking 69-year-old Victim for Rolex NR14421JK

Robbery Spree Suspect Caught on Tape NR14394nv

Grand Theft Suspect Caught On Tape

Burglary Suspect Seen on Video Entering an Apartment NR14245SF

Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR14217rh

Suspects Sought in a Residential Burglary NR14219rh

Suspect Sought in the Robbery of a Local Gas Station NR14178rh

Burglary Suspect Caught On Video NR14164wr

Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR14078SF

Bank Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape NR14045bb

Detectives Searching for Identity of Good Samaritan NR14050PV

Burglary Suspect Caught on Video

Man Shot and Killed in Pico-Hoover Area NR14016rh

Apartment Burglarized in West Los Angeles NR14009rh

Suspects Wanted for Commercial Burglary NR13536sm

Brutal Stabbing of 35-year-old William Jennings NR13542ne

Wilshire Office Building Ransacked and Burglarized

Burglary Suspects Sought, Images Captured on Video

Robber Murders a Store Clerk and Mother of Five in South Los Angeles NR13431cj

Gym Locker Theft Series NR13453cj

Burglary Suspects Sought; Series of Distraction Burglaries in the San Fernando Valley NR13452rh

Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape

Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR13403ne

Los Angeles Man Shot to Death NR13237cj

Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR13382

Suspect Wanted for Taking “Up-Skirt” Pictures of Young Girls

Man Shot on a Bicycle

90-Year-Old Man on a Bike is Killed by a Hit-and-Run Driver

Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR13217cj

Asian Wig Bandit $25,000 Reward Offered in Connection with Case NR13218df

Asian Wig Bandit

Wilshire Police ambush - Recent Officer-Involved Shootings NA13110rf

Detectives Release Photos and Video of Suspects Wanted for Assaulting Transgender Woman NR13203rf

Convenience Store Robbery Suspect Captured on Surveillance Video

Commercial Burglary Suspects Captured on Tape NR13167rl

Hit-and-Run Leaves Bicyclist Seriously Injured

Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape NR13124 sm

Video Surveillance Footage Shows Armed Liquor Store Robbery NR13077rf

Burglary Suspect Sought by Police NR13074am

Residential Burglars Caught on Video NR13075am

Burglary Suspects Caught on Tape NR13059cn

Detectives Looking for Missing Canadian Woman NR13034rf

Market Robbery Suspect Captured on Camera NR13007rh

Robbery Suspect Caught on Tape NR13005bb

Masked Robbers Steal Money from Church Employees NR12555rf

Commercial Burglary Suspect Captured on Video Surveillance

Suspect Shoplifts from Sears Department Store and Threatens Employees NR12549rf

Duffel Bag Bandits Hit Phone Store Twice, Caught On Tape NR12543pv

Possible Murder Suspects Captured on Tape NR12498cn

Detectives Want Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspect; Surveillance Footage Depicts Suspect NR

Subway Restaurant Robbery Suspects Caught on Tape NR12468cn

Police in Search of a Chain Snatcher and her Accomplice NR12456cj

Girl was Robbed of her Gold Necklace NR12457rh

Westside Knock-Knock Burglars NR12447cn

Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12428cj

Disabled Woman Injured During Purse Snatch Incident NR12427td

Restaurant Robbery Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video

Armed Takeover Robbery at Medical Marijuana Clinic

Argument Escalated Between Two Men; Victim Shot and Killed

Armed Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12338cj

Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12334

Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12306bb

Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Two Hit and Run Drivers NR12288kr

Argument Escalates to Stabbing NR12243bb

Hot-Prowl Burglary Suspects Sought NR12242bb

Robbery Committed with Handgun and Facsimile Explosive Device NR12135kr

Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12225cj

The Opportunistic Bandit NR12214bb

Market Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12215bb

May Day 2012 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon on Police Officers

Fight Inside Transit Bus Results in Serious Injury to Passenger NR12190cl

Little Tokyo Robbery Suspect Sought NR121162bb

Street Fight in front of Downtown Nightclubs Results in Murder $50,000 Reward Offered in Connection

Gas Station Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12079kr

Homicide Suspects Sought in Brutal Murder

Brazen Home Invasion Robbery Suspects Sought

Robbery Committed Inside a Bus

Brutal Beating and Robbery of Teenage Girl Captured on Surveillance Camera

Joint Arson Task Force Needs the Public's Help to Identify a Person of Interest NR12002SF

Hotel Robber Nabbed by Good Samaritans Visiting Los Angeles for Martial Arts Tournament NR11521

Burglars in Korea Town and Palms Caught on Tape

Office Creeper Identified - Wanted NR11458pv

Three Burglars Caught on Tape - Public’s Help Requested to Identify Them

Suspect Sought in Burglary from Motor Vehicle

Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect

Commercial Burglary in West Los Angeles

Residential Burglary in West Los Angeles NR11423rh

Hit & Run Driver Sought After Seriously Injuring Man in Crosswalk NR11370kr

7-Eleven Robbery Suspect Captured on Video; Suspect Being Sought NR11411gb

Westside Pharmacy Break-In and Burglary Suspect Shown on Surveillance Video NR11407rf

Residential Burglary in West Los Angeles

Suspect Sought in Service Station Robbery

Mother and Son Critically Injured by Hit & Run Driver NR11393cj

Suspects Caught on Camera During Jewelry Store Robbery NR11380SF

Robberies at Westside Stores and Markets - Overland Liquor Store NR11372rf

Robberies at Westside Stores and Markets - Bob's Market NR11372rf

Backpack Bandit Strikes in Little Tokyo

Crook Robs Blind Woman in Little Tokyo, Caught on Video

Another Smash+Grab Robbery in Jewelry District, Caught on Video

17-year-old Arrested in Smash & Grab Robbery; More Suspects on Video

Man Shot after Confronting Tagger NR11308rf

Suspect Sought in Restaurant Robbery NR11307bb

Burglary Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video NR11285bb

Beware Mothers, Stroller Bandits on the Prowl NR11259pv

Olympic Detectives Seek Public’s Help in Korea Town Robbery NR11250lpk

Burglar Caught on Video Kicking Door Open NR11200kr

Suspect Sought in Liquor Store Robberies NR11207rh

Liquor Store Robbery Captured on Video NR11231lpk

18-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run Collision NR11037gb

Woman Stabbed Near Movie Studio Detectives Hope Video May Bring Suspect to Justice NR11174SF

Burglary in the West Los Angeles Area NR11145cj

Burglary in the West Los Angeles Area

Attempt Burglary Suspect Caught on Surveillance Video NR11125ne

Attempt Murder Suspects Sought NR11117gb

Jewelry Store Burglarized of Millions of Dollars Worth of Jewels

Man Shot and Killed in Van Nuys

Two Food Trucks Robbed in Midtown Area - NR11006cj

A Trio of Robbers Ransack a Liquor Store NR10602cj

North Hollywood Swap Meet Armed Robbers Sought

Hit and Run Drivers Fatally Struck a Pedestrian

Police Looking for Pharmacy Robbers NR10542rf

Flower Mart Burglary

Violent Takeover Robbery by Masked Gunmen

Commercial Burglary Suspect Sought

Jewelry Merchant Robbed at Gunpoint NR10494bb

Attempt Robbery in Pacific

Hot Prowl Robbery in Alexandria Hotel

Subway Store Robbery, Caught on Tape

Burglary Suspect Caught on Tape

Suspect Sought in Grand theft Auto and ID theft

LAPD Searche for Police Impersonator

Antique Jewelry Stolen; Two Robbers Sought NR10362rh

Series of Robberies Committed in the Valley Area

Medical Marijuana Armed Robbery Suspects Sought Images Caught on Tape NR10266cj

Money and Expensive Jewelry Stolen in Bel Air

Office Creeper Strikes in the Miracle Mile District

Arsonist/Vandalism Suspect Sought for Attempting to Set Church on Fire NR103xxah

Serial Burglar Hit Flower Mart

Little Tokyo "Store Creeper" Needs to be Caught

3 Suspects Sought for Breaking into Condominium Complexes - NR10314ah

Car Break-In Suspect Photo Released

Convenience Store Armed Robber Sought

Senseless Shooting in a South L.A. Nightclub Leaves One Dead and One in the Hospital

Bike Theft Suspect Shoots and Wounds Two People

Serial Robbery Suspect Sought for Crimes That Took Place in Los Angeles and the South Bay

IHOP Armed Robbers Sought Images Caught on Tape

Female "Knock-Knock" Burglars Strike in Encino Hills

Cameras Catch Brazen Liquor Store Robbery

Murdered Jane Doe Identified

Two Suspects Sought Over $100,000 Purse Snatch

Man Sought in Burglary of an Apartment - NR10147rh

Jewelry Store Robbers Caught On Tape

Two Women Sought in Theft of Purse

Four Suspects Sought in Store Robbery

Apartment Burglaries with Drilled Locks

Sexual Assault Suspect

West Los Angeles Burglar Steals Tools Worth Thousands of Dollars

Man Shot During Robbery Spree

Suspect Used Stun Gun In Robbery Attempt

Residential Burglaries in Hollywood Hills

Man Shot During Robbery at Medical Marijuana Clinic

Attempted Robbery at Downtown 711 Caught on Video

Robbery Suspect Hits Two Locations in San Fernando Valley

Hit and Run Driver Seriously Injures Two Children

Murder Case of 15-year old

Store Owner Shot in the Head in an Attempt Robbery

Sunglass Bandits

Robbers Caught on Tape

Burglars Caught on Tape

Cargo Theft

Downtown Robbery Caught on Tape Detectives Asking for Public's Help

Chain Snatcher

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbers

Burglary in the Hollywood Hills

Armed Robbery Suspects Victimize Clerk

Robbery of Catering Truck Caught on Tape

Armed Robbery Suspects Terrorize Clerk

Sexual Assault Suspect Lures Young Girls to Apartment

Robbery of Boost Mobile Store

Kidnap/Sexual Assault Suspect Sought

Three Suspects Burglarize Neighborhood Market

Dog Thief Caught on Video

15-year-old girl attack

Takeover Jewelry Robbery Caught on Tape

Takeover Robbery

Knock- Knock Burglars

Attempt Robbery at Subway

Beauty Salon Robbery Caught on Tape (Nov. 28, 2006)

Mid-Wilshire Restaurant Robbery at Carls Jr. (Sept. 2, 2007)

Man Battering a Teenage Girl Caught On Surveillance Video

Gunman Robs Subway Restaurant and Rite Aid Store

Vons Market Take-Over Robbery

Tuxedo Bandit Steals Rolex Watches

Robbery in Koreatown, Caught on Tape

Sexual Predator on the Loose, Two Victims Assaulted

Takeover Robbery in Fashion District, Caught on Tape

Man Robs Subway Restaurant at Gunpoint

Doughnut Shop Robbery Suspects Caught on Surveillance Video

CVS Robbery

Garden Glove Bandit

Hit and Run

ARCO Robbery

Robbery ATM Suspect

Puppy Theft