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Thursday, March 23, 2000

Media Relations

Robbery Arrest Press Release

Friday, March 24, 2000

On 3-23-00, at 12:45 A.M., members of the BURGLARY-AUTO THEFT DIVISION (BAD) VIOLENT CRIME SPECIAL SECTION (VCSS ), conducted an investigation of a South American Theft Group (SATG). The investigation led to the cities of Redondo Beach and Torrance in the South Bay Area. The SATG group targeted a victim at a Bank of America in Redondo Beach. The SATG group followed the victim away from the bank into the city of Torrance. While following the victim, they sandwiched him between their two vehicles, distracted him and stabbed his tire with an X-acto knife. The victim at this time was totality unaware that he was a target or that he was being followed. As the victims tire started to go flat, the suspects continued to follow him, placing themselves in a strategic position to rob him when he stopped due to the flat tire. These tactics used by the suspects are consistent with the method of operation known to the VCSS Officers. The officers from BAD, in concert with numerous members of the Torrance Police Department, interceded in the robbery attempt and prevented the victim from a potentially violent crime. This is consistent with the policy of reverence for human life. In this case four males and one female Colombians were arrested for robbery. Suspects arrested were:
  • Name Withheld (Pending further investigation) BKG# 6403991
    AGE: 34
    Resident of Los Angeles
  • Zapata, Emiliana (NMN) BKG# 6403915 AGE: 30
    Resident of Los Angeles
  • Mendoza, Amil Pablo BKG# 6403892 AGE: 29
    Resident of Los Angeles
  • Trujillo, Sebastian Jose BKG# 6403959 AGE: 30
    Resident of Los Angeles
  • Torres, Silerio (NMN) BKG# 6403934 AGE: 30
    Resident of Los Angeles
This investigation is ongoing. The suspects arrested in this case were granted a bail deviation to $250,000 based on their flight risk potential and their organized system of crime.

For Release 1:00 pm PST
March 23, 2000