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Mini Mounties

Mini Mounties is a public service program initiated by Mounted Platoon officers in collaboration with the City of Hope, City Council, and private donors.  Students from Skid Row area elementary schools affectionately called the “Mini Mounties” are exposed to various art related events and outings.  Just to name a few, these “Mini Mounties” have been introduced to performances at the Pantages Theater and excursions to various amusement parks.  The program has allowed extraordinary opportunities and experiences for these children, due to the hard work and dedication set forth by the Mounted Platoon personnel.  The commitment and enthusiasm of these officers have been recognized by the Los Angeles Police Foundation, which has led to becoming recipients of the Foundation’s Crystal Angel Award.  The Mounted Platoon is applauded for their exceptional endeavors, and is to be commended for providing prominent service to the community for the betterment of the children of the City of Los Angeles.