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Mission C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Mission Community Police Station
Community-Police Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1835 (6:35 p.m.)

Betty Ley welcomed members.

Pledge of Allegiance: 
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bonney Klabunde.

Self-Introduction of Guests:
Ray Duran, Neighborhood Watch – Arleta
Pamela Goldfinger and Elizabeth Marks – Mission Hills Stakeholders

Secretary Report:
Debbie Dalton asked members to review the minutes and if there were any additions or corrections.  Jayne Burke cited an error under Miscellaneous.  Minutes read Office Appreciation and should be Officer Appreciation.  Error noted. Motion to accept our August meeting minutes with correction was made by Natalie Bellissimo and second by Bonney Klabunde.  Minutes approved with correction.

New Business:
Throughout the meeting, SGT Torres will be taking pictures for next year’s CPAB badges.

Crime Update:
Captain thanked everyone for attending tonight’s meeting.  Announced that Josh Rubenstein stopped by and wanted to look into taking CPAB globally.  Went through a slide presentation discussing how CPAB, Clergy Council, Cadets and how all of the groups partnering with the officers play an iatrical part of the success of keeping crime down.

On September 16, the first Truth About Domestic Violence open forum discussion was held at Our Lady of Peace.  Subject matter experts attended giving information and statistics about domestic violence.  Discussion about reasoning, that the victims are not always women.  To date, there have been eleven homicides in the Mission area.  Three of these homicides were domestic violence homicides. 

Operation Ceasefire: Next event is October 1, 6 pm and will be held at the San Fernando Cemetery.  Program is bringing individual that are on probation and explain what will happen if they are arrested again or tied to a gang.  Also provides them opportunities to hear about other avenues available to them. 
  • Betty asked that anyone interested in attending to please let her know for headcount.  This is not for CPAB members only.  Stake holders can attend also.
  • Captain stated that gang shooting is down about 7% and a lot has to do with Operation Ceasefire. 
  • This event shows parolees that the community has had enough with the shootings, crime, etc.
There has been an uptick in theft from vehicles.  Documents are being targeted; car registration, any type of documents a theft can use for crime purposes.  Please be sure that documents, like anything valuable, should be hidden and the vehicle locked.

CPAB Survey Discussion
Natalie Bellissimo thanked everyone and shared with the group that the Executive Board reviewed the survey results and discussed what are our, all of CPAB, next steps should be.  Debbie Klevens passed out a small form as Natalie explained that the committee asks that everyone writes down an issue they feel CPAB should tackle and along with the issue 1-2 suggestions of how CPAB can approach the issue and how we can help the officers resolve the issue.  All of the forms will be put in a bag and one of the issues will be drawn before the end of the meeting.  At the next meeting, we will come together to discuss the issue, outline suggestions to resolve selected issue.  Captain will then assign a Basic Car to head up working on the problem.  This gives everyone a month to think about the issue and possible resolutions to discuss.

Captain also thanked everyone for taking the time to complete the survey from the previous month.  He shared a high level overview of the results; some people felt meetings are too long, others said too short.  A clock was purchased and hung up based on a suggestion.

Stressed that SLO’s need to work with the CPAB members under their Basic Car Areas as well as the stakeholders.  Captain also pointed out that the seating for this month’s meeting was so that SLO’s and members sit together based on Basic Car Area. This way members can partner with their SLO to discuss issues.

Ad Hoc Committee Update: Cal Gleaton gave an overview of the purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee regarding illegal fireworks in California; specifically in the Mission Division.  Cal provided everyone with the California Laws Against “Illegal Fireworks” Health & Safety Code information and statistics showing calls for service on the 4th of July since 2012.  The goal is to have a letter written and sent to the offices listed on the 1st page of the Illegal Fireworks document. 

The letter should include at the beginning all of the codes being violated.  The letter will be written by the CPAB secretary, submitted to the QOL and Ad Hoc committees for review.

CPAB Survey Topic:
The topic selected was bullying.  There are neighborhoods where residents are afraid to call the police to report a disturbance, illegal activity, etc., for fear of retribution from the family being reported.  Neighbors bullying neighbors is more common than we realize.  Again, everyone was encouraged to think about this and be ready to discuss at the next meeting.

Old Business:
None at this time.

Officer Appreciation Day – Still in need of funding for this year’s event.  Betty reported that she received a $70.00 donation.  Courtne reminded everyone that Caesar’s business will match monies donated.  By the end of the meeting, $303.00, including the $70.00 Betty received, was collected.  With Caesar’s matching, $746.00 will be the total.

Still in need of volunteers for Office Appreciation Day.  See Betty if interested in helping.

Betty adjourned the meeting at 1940 (7:40 p.m.)


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Valentin Quintana, Outstanding Community Member
Valentin Quintana
Outstanding Community Member