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Newton C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Newton Area
Community-Police Advisory Board (C-PAB)

Minutes of Meeting

May 1, 2014

Captain Edward Prokop was not available as he was assigned to May Day Demonstration and Gilbert Radillo, C-PAB Co-Chair, welcomed the community and members present.  Meeting came to order at 12:05pm.

Adoption of Minuets:
For the month of April was approved by the C-PAB members-approval done by
Johnny Andrade, Kathy and Hilda Jimenez.

Introductions were made:
•    Introduced community members, and business owners, stakeholders, non-profit representatives and Senior Lead Officer (SLO)
Margo Ocañas–Pedestrian Coordinator for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation from (LADOT) and Safe Route to Schools (SRTS) Strategic Plan for the city of Los Angeles
•    Focused for pedestrian;
•    Bike Ways;
•    Safe Route to schools;
•    Federally funded program with traffic safety issues;
•    Looking at the health of the children;
•    Environmental issues;
•    Address traffic safety;
•    Security issues; and,
•    To launch safe route to schools program.
There is a federal grant that the City wants to capture all factors have to be decided with
three (3) specific schools will be considered.  They are the following:
1.    Quincy Jones  Elementary School;
2.    Breed Street Elementary School; and,
3.    28th Street Elementary School.
Goals:    After funding 495 schools within the juristion to offer schools with these needs from top to bottom.

This will improve within a ¼ mile of the school areas.  Areas with high collision made it the master bill plan.  The schools had a high street to traffic collision.  The following are some counter measures that may be used in order to have a success in lowering the traffic collisions in the areas of the schools:
1.    Curb extensions;
2.    Traffic circles; and
3.    Speed humps.
The City is to have a safe route to school program which will be able to be implemented for the years to come.  For more information you may obtain the fact sheet that was providing at the meeting.  For further questions, you may contact her direct number (213) 928-9707 or E-mail

The LADOT is trying to acquire more members for the Council District 9 area, which in fact has no representation at the moment. There is a meeting every other month.  We need official representation of the LADOT Council Advisory Pedestrian committee.

Goals for C-PAB year 2014:
•    Goals to help reduce crime within the Newton Division.
1.    Impact quality of life by conducting series of alley/street clean ups. 
2    C-PAB Booster Event – Newton Officer Appreciation (committee is needed)
•    Youth C-PAB. (No set date.) but if you know a great young person that may wish to represent their Community Center, their church, or their school; kindly advise them to join.
•    Continue to increase membership
-    C-PAB application;
-    Buddy System; and
-    Please invite other members to join us in trying to make a difference in our community.
Biased-Based and Constitutional Policing:
-    Use the forms to have a more positive impact for the police officers to be acknowledged on their great service.
-    This is the chance to complement them on their great service.
-    You can use the Yelp!  To acknowledge their service and make positive reviews for, which may help others about approaching the officers if they are needed.
Crime Trends:
Four (4) homicides (Last shooting was gang-related.); and
Rise in auto theft 9 percent.

Neighborhood Council elections:
C-PAB member Johnny Andrade is running for Vice President for the Advisory Council in South Central Neighborhood Council.

Please vote at All Peoples Community Center on Saturday, May 3rd 10am to 2pm.

Adjourned meeting:
Member Hilda Jimenez (C-PAB member), seconded by other member for the meeting to adjourned.

__________________________                ________________________
JAMES TOWNSEND, Sergeant                EDWARD J. PROKOP, Captain
Officer-in-charge                        Commanding Officer
Newton Community Relations Office            Newton Area


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Jerry Gomez, Outstanding Community Member
Jerry Gomez
Outstanding Community Member