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Newton News

02/27/15 - Newton Area Cook Out, Clean Up, and Community Resource Fair NA15032jr

02/25/15 - LAPD Statement Regarding Coroner’s Autopsy Report on Omar Abrego NR15055ne

02/09/15 - $50,000 Reward Offered to Apprehend Murderer NA15021rh

01/28/15 - 18- Year- Old Missing Female NR15025lp

01/19/15 - Pedestrian Seriously Injured by Hit-And-Run Driver NR15018lp

12/29/14 - LAPD Statement Regarding the Coroner’s Autopsy Report on the Death of Ezell Ford NR14490as

12/08/14 - SWAT to Deliver Toys at Orthopaedic Institute for Children with the Help of Santa Claus and Air Support NA14236js

11/18/14 - Driver Hits Pedestrian and Flees NR14451jr

11/13/14 - Ezell Ford OIS Investigation Update NA14211bm

10/24/14 - Use of Force Incident Getting Careful Review NR14397an

10/09/14 - LAPD Detectives Save the Life of a Suicide Jumper NR14376dm

09/16/14 - Community Forum Regarding AB60, the new Law to License Undocumented Residents NA14164SF

08/25/14 - 33-year-old Man Missing with Mental Capacity of 8-year-old NR14318jk

08/20/14 - LAPD Responds to $5 Million Settlement with the Family of Man Shot after Vehicle Pursuit NR14316jk

08/13/14 - Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Provides Preliminary Update on Officer- Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14311as

08/12/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14309lp

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement in Custody Death in Newton NR14303jk

08/11/14 - Law Enforcement in Custody Death in Newton NR14304jk

07/10/14 - Victim Severely Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver NR14260nv

06/06/14 - 19-Year-Old Missing Male NR14226nv

05/29/14 - Los Angeles Man Shot to Death NR14204sm

05/22/14 - 12-Year-Old Missing Girl NR14197wr

04/24/14 - Officer-Involved Shooting in Newton Area NR14167bm

04/18/14 - Request to Immediately Discontinue the Circulation of Arrestee Robert Ransom’s Photograph NR14157SF

04/15/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Newton Area’s Little Free Library NA14065rh

04/10/14 - Double Murder Discovered in a Converted Garage NR14141rh

04/09/14 - $75,000 Reward Offered in Connection with the Murders of Gisella Yauli and Dillon Reyes NA14057rh

04/02/14 - 54-year-old Edward Nix Killed by Hit-and-Run driver NR14125nv

03/22/14 - Teen Female Victim of a Kidnap and Attempted Sexual Assault NR14121gv

03/17/14 - 15-Year-Old Critical Missing Girl NR14115bb

03/10/14 - Central Traffic Officers to Conduct a Free Child Safety Seat Checkup NA14034sm

03/10/14 - Central Traffic Officers to Conduct a Free Child Safety Seat Checkup NA14034sm

03/06/14 - Missing 19-Year-Old NR14098nv

02/25/14 - Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR14078SF

02/21/14 - Educational Forums Regarding Immigration Fraud NA14024rh

02/07/14 - Newton Detectives Conclude Kidnapping Investigation Deemed ‘Unfounded’

01/23/14 - Officer Involved Shooting in Newton NR14029ne

01/03/14 - A Fatal Union Pacific Railroad Collision Leaves One Man Dead NR14002rh

12/20/13 - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck responds to preliminary report on the December 13, 2013 Officer Involved Shooting

12/18/13 - SWAT Santa Claus Makes a Toy Delivery in South Los Angeles area

12/05/13 - 42-Year-Old Missing Woman NR13523bb

12/03/13 - $75,000 Reward Offered NA13219gb

09/30/13 - Pedestrian Fatally Struck by Train NR13439sm

08/29/13 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspect NR13403ne

08/26/13 - Alba Recreational Center Open House in the Pueblo Del Rio Housing Development NA13147sm

08/25/13 - Driver Walks Away After Traffic Collision Leaving Two Dead and One injured NR13397sm

08/20/13 - Open House for Community Recreation Center in Newton NA13141cj

08/19/13 - Hit and Run Suspect Arrested and a Toddler Seriously Injured NR13390cj

08/14/13 - LAPD Makes An Arrest In Connection With Unsolved 1990 Robbery/Murder: NR13379rh

07/01/13 - Detectives Seeking Help to Identify Robbery Suspects NR13217cj