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North Hollywood C-PAB Meeting Minutes

North Hollywood Area
Community-Police Advisory Board
Kaiser Laboratories
11668 Sherman Way, North Hollywood

Minutes from Thursday, May 16, 2013

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by co-chair Josh Rubenstein at 6:30 p.m.

Calendar of Events
Monday, May 20th, East Valley Police Activity League Supporters (PALS) Golf Tournament will be held at Moorpark Country Club at 11800 Championship Dr. Moorpark CA.  Registration is 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.  Shotgun Tee is at 10:00 a.m.  Please contact Officer Kowalczyk or Officer Munoz at the CRO Office at (818) 623-4001 for more information.
Old Business
Josh Rubenstein thanked the board for their hard work and dedication in helping out with the North Hollywood Area appreciation barbeque. 

There was a brief discussion on the force options simulator and how CPAB members felt after having to make a split second decision on a use of force situation.

New Business
Tamar Galatzan provided an update regarding Loren Benson.  All three properties have been cleaned up for the first time in 14 years and he is on probation until August 2004.  During the time he was in the process of cleaning up, he was asking his neighbors if they would store some of his property in their garages.

Galatzan also mentioned that the federal government discontinued the issuance of housing vouchers.  In the past, they would issue vouchers to the homeless in the event a property was foreclosed. 

There was a brief discussion on how other jurisdictions push homeless to us.
Guest Speakers
-      Valley Traffic Division Officer Steve Rausch
This year we have had 30 people killed in car accidents, which is more than other homicides.  A & K traffic accidents are up 3% this year.  Most of the DUI task forces we have had this year are in North Hollywood Division.  So far we have had over 850 DUI arrests this year.  The L.A.P.D. also has a habitual DUI offender team.  They do surveillance on suspects that have two or more DUI arrests to ensure that they are not driving on a suspended license. 

Guest Speakers (continued)
During the first quarter, the intersections with the most accidents were, Sherman Way and Coldwater, Victory and Coldwater, Vanowen and Coldwater, Forest Lawn and Barham, Sherman way and Bellaire. 

The city will be placing more bicycle lanes in North Hollywood area.  Officer Rausch provided several examples of vehicle vs pedestrian traffic accidents.  

-      Monica Harmon
Monica Harmon provided a brief power point presentation on child bullying.  She spoke about social isolation and on bullying against children with disabilities.

Area and Patrol Updates
Captain Eisenberg introduced Detective Dan Fournier as the night detective and he provided the board with information on a Vineland Boys and North Hollywood Boys gang related shooting that occurred recently.  Prior to the shooting there had been some gang graffiti towards the north end of the division that had been crossed out which indicated that both gangs were feuding.  Detectives had some information on the description of the vehicle and since the graffiti bordered the north end of our area, they contacted Foothill Area and briefed them on the shooting information.  Between their joint efforts, they were able to apprehend the wanted suspect.

Overall crime is down but property crime is still up especially in Mike Lewis’s area which has been troublesome lately.  We have also noticed a considerable amount of property crime thefts near Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd.   We are also targeting motels in the Ventura Blvd corridor since many suspects have been known to hang out at these locations.

Senior Lead Officer Updates
Senior Lead Officer Manny Arreygue (SLO 15A43) advised that he has had some property related break-ins in the area of Colfax Ave and Riverside Dr.  Lock It, Hide It, Keep It flyers have been distributed near North Hollywood High School and they have also placed the message on their posted electrical message board in an attempt to educate the public.

Senior Lead Jeniffer Duvally (SLO 15A33) stated that has noticed several BFMV’s at the Sears parking lot lately.  She informed the board on a residential burglary that turned into a robbery.  The victim woke up after hearing some noise inside her house.  She subsequently discovered that a suspect was in her house and a scuffle took place and the suspect fled the location.  In a short amount of time, the suspect began using the victim’s credit cards in Foothill Division where she was also being recorded on department store video surveillance cameras.  She was later apprehended and it was discovered through further investigation that she had committed another burglary in Foothill division.
Senior Lead Officer Updates (continued)

Senior Lead John Catalano (SLO 15A39) mentioned that stolen cars were up in his area. He informed the board that the current red line turnstiles were going to be locking on June 15th.   Right now it is on the honor system but they will begin to lock forcing users to pay before they are able to enter.

Senior Lead Gabe Ahedo (SLO 15A3) stated that property crimes have been fair without any noticeable spikes.  He is closely monitoring the property crimes due to an increase in homeless in his area.  He had a violent shooting on Hart St recently and continues to see an increase in graffiti in the area of Hart St and Vanowen Ave.  

Senior Lead Officer Carol Sawamura (SLO 15A21) elaborated on Captain Eisenberg and Detective Dan Fournier’s gang shooting information.

Constitutional Policing
Captain Justin Eisenberg discussed the importance of Constitutional Policing. C-PAB members had nothing to report.

Public Comments
Several board members asked traffic related questions and held a short Q and A session with Officer Rausch.

The meeting was adjourned by Josh Rubenstein.