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Northeast C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Northeast Area
Community Police Advisory Board

September 23, 2013

Members Present:    Janet Venable, Jerry Hoffman, Bradley, Rosa Rivas, Kay Beckham, Carol Ries, Patricia Celaya, Lisa Brewer

Additional Attendees:    Moira Gomez, Jose Rodriguez CD1, Crystal Crockett, SLO Nina Preciado, SLO Francisco Serrano, Amarillys Laclette Jr, Amarillys Laclette Sr, Caroline Aguirre, Tony Butka

Welcome/Introductions    The meeting was called to order and introductions were made.
                         6:00 PM:   

Approval of Minutes:    Approval of minutes for August were tabled to the September meeting.

Captain’s Message:    Captain began his message with an introduction of two Cadets, Sergeant Madeline Dominguez and Sergeant Rudy Rangel. The Cadets also spoke and gave a highlight of their experiences with the program to the group.
    He then informed the group that although there is an uptick in burglaries for both home and vehicle in the Highland Park, Mount Washington, East Hollywood and Los Feliz areas, Northeast is maintaining a 3% reduction in crime from last year and is #3 in crime reduction citywide.
    The signature crime in Northeast LA is auto break-ins. A third of the cars that get broken into are unlocked. There have been some successes in reducing auto property crimes such as the campaign SLO Leo Rey has worked on in the Griffith Park area with the installation of the 21 “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” signs.
    Most of the offenders of auto property crimes are drug users. In terms of criminal profiles, specifically for AB109 parolees, 61% of AB109 releases have been put back in custody and 80% of their crimes have been property crimes. As a sidenote, 80% of releases that have been convicted of violent crimes suffer some sort of mental illness.
    If Northeast continues at the current trajectory, the division could end the year in the red as relates to crime statistics compared to the previous year.
    The Captain shared that homes being targeted for burglaries are being targeted for a reason and reminded the group to continue the “Harden the Target” dialogue with their respective groups.
    Captain spoke a bit about the availability of SLOs during the week, the focus for patrol on the weekends, and shared that it’s a directive from Chief Beck that the LAPD Division Captains get patrol days as well.
    There was a remark from a meeting participant at this time that, at the meeting recently held at the Eagle Rock CD14 Field Office with the new City Attorney Mike Feurer, the attorney was not aware of the issues at the Eaton property in Highland Park, basically the participant was astonished. There was some discussion about the number of abatements and other requests the new attorney’s office will be reviewing, etc.

SLO/CRO Update:    SLO Fernando Ochoa filling in for Sergeant Arellano. He shared that on the last night of the Summer Night Lights program, NELAPD lost a hotly contested ball game to Aztecs Rising, but a rematch was scheduled for Wednesday 10/24 at Cypress Park. He also spoke a bit about protestors that were at a recent neighborhood council meeting protesting against the area gang injunction. Also upcoming: NELAPD Open House on Saturday, October 26.

Guest Speaker:    Traffic Division SLO Henderson gave a short presentation of highlights of life in the Northeast Traffic Division. He encouraged anyone interested in working with the Division to call the Traffic Complaint Unit.
CPAB Initiatives:        The subcommittee leaders gave updates as follows:
Crime Reduction: Carol Ries Lead
    Carol shared that there was an overview discussion, no decisions had been made and some people were missing. They are still pursuring the L/H/K campaign on Channel 35. They will be tracking work done on all quality of life issues in a discreet manner and will get the numbers to Captain Bert. Carol also asked about  the white marker board that the SLOs use in the roll call room and whether or not it should be covered during public meetings – should it not be kept confidential. She also shared that Ladybug Clean Sweep, a group of people who does not want to be known, reports all 3-1-1 quality of life issues and that they may go back to using that group.
        Outreach for Underserved Communities: Bradley Lead
    Lisa Brewer handed out the current church / faith-based organizations list and asked for input from all CPAB members and SLOs as to what, if any, orgs they feel LAPD could create new relationships with should be added to the list. Please provide input by next CPAB meeting.
        Teen CPAB: Julian Makara Lead
    Captain Bert shared with the group that LAPD Human Relations and LA City are making plans to hold a LAPD Youth Engagement Summit before the end of 2013. He said a large safety issue for young people is school and mall shootings – young people want to talk about active shooters.

New Business:    Bradley mentioned an upcoming Glassell Park Cleanup Day, more details to come.

Meeting Adjourned     1900 Hours.


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