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Olympic News

10/16/18 - Man Shot and Killed in Harvard Heights NR18266dm

08/23/18 - LAPD is Seeking the Public’s Help, Identifying a Burglary Suspect Operating in Koreatown NR18123ti

08/21/18 - Arrest of Koreatown Serial Burglar NA18162ml

07/27/18 - Olympic Division In-Custody Death NRF045-18bm

07/18/18 - Armed Robbery Suspect Captured on Camera Video NR18192rb

05/11/18 - Young Man Suffered Fatal Stab Wounds After a Dispute with the Suspect NR18135rh

04/26/18 - Seeking Public’s Help for a Burglary Suspect in Koreatown NR18081ma

03/06/18 - Hit and Run Driver Drags Man Leaving him with Severe Injuries NR18073rh

03/02/18 - LAPD is Looking for a Robbery Suspect in Pico-Union NR18070ti

02/28/18 - Arrest of Koreatown Aggravated Assault Suspect NR18065ml

02/16/18 - Missing 53-Year-Old Man NR18057dm

02/14/18 - Arrest of Koreatown Aggravated Assault Suspect NR18050tk

02/13/18 - Suspect Wanted for Brutal Beating NR18046ml

01/29/18 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols NA18021rh

01/17/18 - Officer-Involved-Shooting in Olympic Division NRF083-17fp

01/16/18 - News Conference to Discuss Status of Olympic Division Homicide NA18007ma

01/12/18 - Investigation Into Death in the Pico Union Area NR18006ma

01/12/18 - LAPD Looking for Murder Suspects in Arlington Heights NR18005sr

01/10/18 - Reward Advisement for the Murder of Lucio Garcia NA17231ti

01/05/18 - Robbery Suspect Caught on Video NR18001ti

12/08/17 - 6th Annual Operation Shoes from Santa NA17203sr

12/05/17 - Detectives Seek Additional Victims of Sexual Assault Suspect NR17344dm

09/26/17 - Arrest of a Burglary from Motor Vehicle Suspect NA17174ti

09/13/17 - Robbery Suspects Captured on Surveillance Video NR17263ti

09/11/17 - Shooting Leaves a Man Dead NR17261im

08/23/17 - Robberies Suspect Captured on Surviellance Video NR17245ml

08/21/17 - Bicyclist is Struck and Severely Injured by Hit and Run Driver NR17243im

08/03/17 - Update on Shooting and Suicide in front of Chinese Consulate NR17231sr

07/27/17 - Los Angeles Police Department and the Community Celebrates “National Night Out “

07/24/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17130ti

05/31/17 - Double Shooting in Koreatown NR17157ml

04/27/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17080ml

04/13/17 - 77th Street Police Station partners with 93.5 K-Day Radio for Spring Extravaganza NA17074jh

04/12/17 - Olympic Division hosts the Police Unity Tour Fundraising BBQ NA17071jh

04/01/17 - Reward Offered for the Killer of Homeless Woman NA17060ti

03/29/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation PatrolNA17056ne

03/16/17 - Suspect Arrested for Koreatown Attempt Murder NA17051ma

02/01/17 - Officer Involved in a Shooting in Olympic Division NRF004-17ma

01/30/17 - Hit and Run Collision Leaves Pedestrian Dead NR17033ne

01/19/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA17008lp

12/14/16 - LAPD Olympic Area is Hosting “Operation Shoes from Santa” Holiday Shoe Giveaway for Children NA16376lp

11/07/16 - Elderly Woman Missing NR16339ne

09/06/16 - Robbery Homicide Division Investigates Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer NR16278ma

08/19/16 - 67-Year-Old Critical Missing Male NR16258jh

07/26/16 - LAPD Olympic Division’s 8th Annual National Night Out NA1657aj

06/14/16 - Unveiling of the First Fully Staffed Koban at The Grove NR16191ma

06/13/16 - Homicide Investigation in Olympic Area NR16194lp

05/16/16 - Presentation of Olympia, Greece Police Uniform to the Los Angeles Police Department, Olympic Area by Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral NA16096mjl

05/05/16 - Detectives Look to Identify John Doe NR16150mjl

05/03/16 - Business Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera NR16147lp

03/22/16 - LAPD to Announce Results of Successful Burglary Prevention Program NA16046ml

03/02/16 - Fatal Hit and Run with Pedestrian NR16080jk

02/24/16 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol NA16035aj

02/23/16 - Fatal shooting leads to death in Koreatown NR16064TI

02/09/16 - Mail Theft Burglary Suspect wanted in Koreatown NR16039TI

12/21/15 - 44-Year-Old Missing Man NR15926aj

12/16/15 - 82-year-old Missing Female NR15921lp

12/10/15 - Olympic's “Operation Shoes from Santa” for Area Children NA15232aj

11/11/15 - 76-Year-Old Woman Reported Missing NR15888lp

09/24/15 - Olympic Homicide NR15329aj

09/11/15 - 21-Year-Old Male Found Stabbed to Death at a Park NR15308lp

09/03/15 - 79-Year-Old Man Reported Missing NR 15303lp

08/27/15 - Road Rage Erupts Into Violence

08/25/15 - Man Dies from Shooting in Koreatown NR15284ml

08/21/15 - Olympic Division H.O.P.E (Homeless Outreach Partnership Endeavor) Project NA15157nv

08/19/15 - 2015 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning (LGBTQ) Community Police Academy NA15156ml

08/12/15 - Attempted Child Abduction Suspect Wanted NR15272ml

08/10/15 - Man Found Unconscious on Sidewalk NR15269ne

07/21/15 - Suspect(s) Vandalize and Steal from Church NR15242jk

07/17/15 - Church Burglarized of Sacred Religious Items NR15143jk

06/25/15 - 64-Year-Old Critical Missing Elderly Man NR15223mjl

06/18/15 - Korea Town Robbery NR15208ml

06/11/15 - Screaming Man turns into an Armed Man

06/03/15 - One Juvenile Arrested in Connection to Korea Town Double Murder NR15188lp

05/27/15 - Murder Suspect Found Dead Inside Apartment NR15180rh

05/26/15 - 19-Year-Old Shot in Olympic Area NR15177lp

05/21/15 - LAPD/Constitutional Rights Foundation Presents Cops & Kids: Working Together for Peace on the Streets NA15102ma

05/14/15 - School Coach Arrested for Sexual Assault NR15167dm

05/11/15 - Citywide Gun Buyback Nets 746 Guns NR15163lp

05/04/15 - 2015 Gun Buyback Program NA15059nv

04/10/15 - 49-year-old Missing Female NR15121nv

03/07/15 - Missing 11-Year Old in Los Angeles NR15074jr

03/05/15 - Female Found Stabbed to Death at a Bus Bench NR15071nv

02/27/15 - LAPD Olympic Area Community Education Fair NA15030JR

02/26/15 - LAPD Searching for 85-Year-Old Missing Female NR15058jr

02/19/15 - Two Armed Street Robbery Suspects Arrested NR15051rh

02/17/15 - Arrest of two armed robbery suspects NA15024lp

02/02/15 - Three Family Members Found Dead in Wilshire Area NR15034lp

01/21/15 - 86-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR15022jk

01/06/15 - Vicious Robberies at Mid-town Apartment Buildings Caught on Video NR15004SF

12/30/14 - 12-year-old Critical Missing NR14491nv

12/22/14 - LAPD Investigators Looking for Suspects Responsible for Homicide NR14477sm

12/15/14 - 81-Year-Old Woman Reported Missing NR 14474lp

12/15/14 - December 2014 Gun Buyback Program Results NA14243lp

12/11/14 - LAPD Olympic Area Hosts 2014 “Operation Shoes from Santa” for Area Children

12/11/14 - LAPD’s Juvenile Division’s 4th Annual Holiday Party for Victims of Child Abuse

12/10/14 - LAPD Olympic Area Hosts 2014 “Operation Shoes from Santa” for Area Children

12/09/14 - 2014 Gun Buyback Program

11/06/14 - Suspect Arrested in Koreatown Murder NR14418dm

11/03/14 - Two Arrested in Apparent Stabbing that Left One Dead NR14416sm

11/03/14 - Halloween DUI/ Saturation Checkpoints and Safety Tips NA14200jk

10/27/14 - 40-Year-Old Man Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14400lp

10/16/14 - 8-Year-Old Boy Injured By Hit-And-Run Driver NR14388lp

09/25/14 - Sexual Assault Suspect Sought NR14356dm

09/21/14 - Man Shot and Killed in Koreatown NR14352dm

09/15/14 - Detectives Need the Public’s Help to Identify Burnt Remains NR14342lp

06/05/14 - 70-Year-Old Missing Man NR14224dm

06/05/14 - Missing Los Angeles Elderly Man NR14225sm

06/02/14 - Robbery Leaves One Man Dead NR14206sm

05/06/14 - Suspect Sought in the Robbery of a Local Gas Station NR14178rh

04/07/14 - LAPD Has Big Plans for Little Libraries LAPD’s Little Free Library Looking for Sponsors NR14103rh

03/19/14 - Elderly Missing Couple NR14116wr

02/28/14 - 74-Year-Old Missing Man in Need of Medical Care NR14091sm

02/24/14 - 81-Year-old Woman Visiting from Korea is Missing NR14079SF

02/24/14 - Unveiling of LAPD Olympic Area’s Little Free Library NA14026rh

01/31/14 - The Public’s Help is Needed to Locate a 72-year-old Man Who Has Been Missing Since 2007 NR140

12/13/13 - LAPD Olympic Officers Host “Operation Shoes from Santa” Shoe Drive for Underprivileged Children

11/25/13 - Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is Investigating the Murder of Randall Scott Kreeger NR13509cj

11/11/13 - Robbery Suspect Caught on Video in Koreatown NR13484gb

11/07/13 - Chief of Police Spotlights New 9-1-1 Public Service Announcement NR13483km

09/17/13 - Korea Town Gambling Houses Busted NR13430dm

09/16/13 - 19-Year-Old Student Missing NR13428rh

09/03/13 - LAPD Investigating Woman Who Fell Out Of Police Car NR13412an

08/13/13 - Catering Truck Robbery Suspects Sought NR13380cc

07/23/13 - 90-Year-Old Man on a Bike is Killed by a Hit-and-Run Driver NR13250cn

06/26/13 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints NA13108bb

06/19/13 - Dispute Leads to Murder NR13205cj

06/06/13 - President of the United States Visit NA13095an

05/13/13 - President Barack Obama to Present LAPD Officers with the National Association of Police Organizations “Top Cop” Award NA13079SF

05/02/13 - Young Asian Man Missing for Almost Two Weeks NR13146rf

04/17/13 - Man Shot on Sidewalk NR13126cn

04/03/13 - Olympic Division Police Unity Tour “Goodwill Fundraiser” NA13055df

03/25/13 - Detectives are Investigating a Suspicious Murder NR13092cn

03/08/13 - Police Chief Charlie Beck to Host Muslim Community Forum NA13037SF

02/26/13 - 54-year-old Missing Woman NR13057cj

02/01/13 - Marijuana and Weapons Seized During Warrant Service NR13028bb

01/29/13 - Councilmember will Present Honorary Certificates NA13016rh

01/08/13 - Olympic Division Officer Takes Shooting Suspect Into Custody While Walking a Foot Beat at His Adopted School NR1310SF

12/19/12 - Los Angeles Police Arrest Hoax Bomb Threat Suspect NR12591rl

12/18/12 - Operation Shoes from Santa; LAPD’s Olympic Division is Providing Underprivileged Families with New Shoes NA12272vh

12/12/12 - Santa Claus in a Mini Presidential Motorcade To Hand Out Gifts To Over 1100 Kids NR12566cj

12/12/12 - Operation Shoes from Santa LAPD’s Olympic Division is Providing Underprivileged Families with New Shoes NA12272vh

12/05/12 - Fundraiser for Cancer-Stricken Officer’s Daughter; Victim is Only 10 Years Old NR12553LG

11/19/12 - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver NR12527LG

11/02/12 - Koreatown Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested NR12503bb

10/16/12 - Detectives Investigate a Case of Murder/Suicide in Olympic Division NR12477SF

09/19/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints NA12214cj

08/29/12 - Elderly Man Missing NR12405kr

08/27/12 - One Killed and 2 Injured in a Shooting in Koreatown NR12402cj

08/24/12 - Victim Killed After Parking His Vehicle NR12399rh

08/19/12 - Two, 17-year-old Young Men Shot While Standing on the Porch of an Apartment Building NR12390SF

08/16/12 - $50,000 Reward Offered in Olympic Area Stabbing Death NA12189td

08/02/12 - Rooftop Burglars Target Korea Town Medical Marijuana Dispensary NR12170kr

07/16/12 - 61-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman NR12335bb

07/06/12 - Koreatown Business Burglary Suspects Arrested Detectives Seek Additional Victims NA12317bb

07/06/12 - Los Angeles Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint NA12157ne

07/04/12 - Juvenile Missing from Mid-City Area NR12313kr

07/03/12 - Celebrate Independence Day Weekend Responsibly

07/02/12 - Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12306bb

06/21/12 - “Roll Call in the Streets” Mobile Community Sub Station Deployment

05/27/12 - Bicyclist Run Down and Shot, Dies at Scene; Second Victim also Shot and Injured NR12238kr

05/18/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint

05/14/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol

05/10/12 - Jewelry Store Thief Caught On Camera NR12211gb

05/09/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint NA12108bb

05/09/12 - Sobriety & Driver’s License Checkpoint

05/08/12 - Man found Lying on the Street NR12210rh

05/07/12 - Collision Leaves One Dead Driver Arrested for DUI NR12209cj

05/02/12 - Victim Struck by Gunfire while Standing on Sidewalk NR12200wr

04/27/12 - The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Releases Joint Statement of Unity

04/02/12 - Police Seek Witnesses to Fatal Hit and Run NR12157wr

03/14/12 - LAPD Police Department Targets Impaired Drivers with Checkpoint

02/24/12 - Car-Jacking Suspect Leads Police on Chase Pursuit ends in Officer Involved Shooting NR12094mjf

02/21/12 - Man Stabbed in Park, Dies at Local Hospital NR12091kr

02/17/12 - Distraction Burglary Suspects Arrested NR12088cj

02/17/12 - Man Shoots Three and Takes His Own Life Another Person also Found Dead in House NR12086cj

02/15/12 - President of the United States

02/05/12 - Weekend DUI Checkpoint Planned in Los Angeles

01/25/12 - Man Murdered Walking in the Crosswalk NR12043lp

01/12/12 - Brutal Beating and Robbery of Teenage Girl Captured on Surveillance Camera NR12017SF

01/11/12 - LAPD’s Metropolitan Division K-9 Unit to Receive a $10,000 Donation for New Police Service Dog NA120l0lp

12/29/11 - Olympic Area Officers Conducting a Narcotics Investigation, Shot at Multiple Times by a Man Driving a Stolen Car NR11599SF

12/16/11 - Man Fires Several Shots at Chinese Consulate Building NR11583rf

12/16/11 - Suspects Caught during Jewelry Store Robbery NR11569rh

12/08/11 - LAPD Metropolitan Division Mini Mounties Toy Giveaway NA11275gb

12/03/11 - Man Murdered in Mid-Town Los Angeles NR11566cj

10/24/11 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) Suspect Armed with a Machete NR11498an

10/02/11 - Olympic Area GED Officers Wounded in Officer Involved Shooting NR11455rh

09/28/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints

09/19/11 - Man Attempted to Engage in Sexual Acts with Minor NR11432rh

09/06/11 - Man Found Murdered in his Home NR11415cj

08/30/11 - Robbery at Korea Town Pharmacy Suspect’s Image Captured NR11402gb

08/17/11 - Suspects Caught on Camera During Jewelry Store Robbery NR11380SF

08/15/11 - DNA Links Los Angeles Man to 1995 Cold Case Murder NR11378cj

07/31/11 - Pedestrian Killed by Out of Control Car NR11352kr

07/08/11 - 16-Year-Old Teenager Shot and Killed NR11311cn

07/06/11 - Suspect Sought in Restaurant Robbery NR11307bb

05/26/11 - Suspects Sought in Liquor Store Robberies NR11207rh

05/23/11 - Observe Memorial Day Weekend Responsibly With Your Family and Friends NR11121rh

05/20/11 - Olympic Detectives Seek Public’s Help in Korea Town Robbery NR11250lpk

05/11/11 - Press Conference on a String of Robberies

05/11/11 - West Traffic Division Sobriety Checkpoint

05/11/11 - Map of Olympic and Sorrounding Areas Shotgun Robberies

05/10/11 - Olympic Officers Respond to an Assault-with-a-Deadly-Weapon Call Suspect Shot by Officer NR11220mjg

04/21/11 - Woman Stabbed Near Movie Studio Detectives Hope Video May Bring Suspect to Justice NR11174SF

03/28/11 - Fatal Hit-and-Run Leaves one Man Dead and Four Injured NR11133gb

03/15/11 - Attempt Murder Suspects Sought NR11117gb

03/14/11 - Woman Killed in Parking Lot by Delivery Truck NR11113kr

02/17/11 - Suspects Sought in Home Invasion Robbery NR11079gb

02/03/11 - Million Dollar Promise Nine Victims Identified, Dozens More, Likely NR11051kr

02/01/11 - Attempt Murder of Store Owner

01/17/11 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint

01/03/11 - Two Food Trucks Robbed in Midtown Area NR11006cj

12/29/10 - Arrest of Underground Parking Bandit

12/21/10 - An Armed Suspect Shoots and Seriously Injures Another Man, then Takes His Own Life NR10588cj

11/20/10 - Public's Help Needed to Find Fatal Hit & Run Driver NR10546ne

11/12/10 - Two Suspects Commit Two Robberies in Mid-City NR10535cj

11/10/10 - LAPD Operations West Bureau Pedestrian Safety Awareness Event NA10299gb

11/02/10 - Commercial Burglary Suspect Sought NR10516gb

10/20/10 - Olympic Community Carnival and Haunted House NA10278kr

08/09/10 - Media Availability NA10210cj

08/09/10 - LAPD Arrests Thief NR10397bb

07/08/10 - Suspects Impersonating Repairmen Gain Entry into Korea Town Area Homes and Take Valuables

05/18/10 - Korea Town Fatal Hit-and-Run Collision

05/14/10 - Doughnut Shop Armed Robber Sought Images Caught on Tape NR10254gb

05/14/10 - Armed Robber Sought in Check Cashing Store Robbery NR10251ah

04/30/10 - Bike Theft Suspect Shoots and Wounds Two People NR10229ah

04/29/10 - Olympic Community Spring Carnival NA10102kr

04/14/10 - Suspects Operating a Motor Vehicle Theft Ring in Korea Town, Rampart, Wilshire and Hollywood Areas are Captured

04/12/10 - Detectives Bust Massive Vehicle Burglary Ring

04/11/10 - Update on Fatal Traffic Collection

04/11/10 - Fatal Traffic Collision Leaves one Dead, a Suspect Arrested, and the LAPD Looking for More Information

04/08/10 - Sobriety and Drivers License Checkpoint

03/23/10 - Burglars Sought in Computer Theft at High School NR10139ah

03/20/10 - Officer Involved Shooting in Mid City NR10135jr

03/17/10 - Two Women Sought in Theft of Purse NR10128rh

03/05/10 - Two Suspects Sought In Murder of 26-Year-Old Man

03/04/10 - Apartment Burglaries with Drilled Locks

02/22/10 - Armed Robbery Suspect Dressed for Success

01/31/10 - Officer Observation helps Nab an Attempt Rape Suspect NA10054ks

01/27/10 - Suspect Uses Pepper Spray in Robbery NR10031rh

01/05/10 - Arrest made in Olympic Homicide's 1st murder for 2010 NA10004bb

01/03/10 - Man Found Dead Inside his Apartment

12/24/09 - Auto Mechanic Scam NR09599gb

12/11/09 - Sexual Assault Suspect Lures Young Girls to Apartment Buildings NR09533cj

12/08/09 - Media Availability and Launch of 9th Annual LAPD Angels Book and Toy Drive

12/08/09 - Operation West Bureau Sobriety/Driver's License Checkpoint NA09344kr

11/25/09 - Man Found Beaten to Death NR09561cj

11/20/09 - DNA Match Assist LAPD Robbery Homicide Cold Case Detectives in Solving a 26-Year-Old Murder NR09549cj

11/19/09 - Two Teenage Robbers Sought in Koreatown NR09553gb

11/17/09 - Commercial Burglaries in Koreatown NR09550gb

11/12/09 - Robbers Caught on Tape

11/06/09 - Sexual Assault Suspect Lures Young Girls to Apartment Buildings NR09533cj

11/04/09 - Residential Burglaries in Koreatown NR09527gb

10/07/09 - Olympic Community Carnival and Haunted House NA09269ah

10/04/09 - 33-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in a Gang Related Shooting

09/11/09 - Police and Family Seek Help Finding Missing Student NR09447ah

08/23/09 - Robbery, Leaves Man Dead NR09416ne

08/15/09 - West Traffic Sobriety Checkpoint NA09219SF

06/18/09 - Thieves Impersonating Police Officers Arrested NR09291rf

06/09/09 - Parole Check Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR09276rf

06/07/09 - Homicide at Karaoke Bar NR09272kr

05/23/09 - 18-Year-Old Killed in Gang-Related Shooting NR09250jl

05/22/09 - Police Bust Robbery Suspects Who Impersonated Police

04/29/09 - Kick-Off Ceremony for Olympic Station Community Emergency Response Team NA09112ah

04/23/09 - DUI/Unlicensed Drivers Beware - NA09107jl

04/21/09 - Armed Robbery at Medical Marijuana Clinic - NR196 KR

04/13/09 - West Traffic Detectives Investigates the Death of a 2-Year-old Child

03/11/09 - Sobriety Checkpoint

03/09/09 - 8-Year-Old Girl Shot in Front of Her Home

02/20/09 - In Custody Death Investigation

02/17/09 - Suspect Posing as Utility Worker Arrested

02/13/09 - Residential Robbers Sought in Winsor Area

02/12/09 - New Olympic Police Station Shows Very Positive ResultsViolent Crime Drops 13%, Arrests Up 60%

01/26/09 - Woman Missing for Six Days, Public's Help Needed

01/14/09 - Grand Opening Celebration for Olympic Area Community Police Station

01/05/09 - Olympic Station Opens its Doors to the Media; Chief Bratton, Captain Blake and Other Dignitaries to Conduct First Formal Uniform Inspection