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Pacific C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Pacific Area
Community Police Advisory Board
Minutes – Board Meeting

July 17, 2014

Present: Monica Harmon, Cyndi Hench, Nicolas Hippsley-Coxe, Rob Kadota, Pat Karasick, William Koontz, Carol Tantau, Kathy Thornhill, and Gloria Prado

LAPD Personnel: Capt. Johnson, Capt. Alberca, Sgt. Lowe, Officer Serafin, SLO R. Garcia, SLO Richardson, SLO Ceja, and Claudia Martin, Neighborhood Prosecutor

Guests: Joseph Reyes, Christina Hollstein*, Michael Hollstein*, Stewart Oscars, Dave Oliver, Leah Oye, Jessica Janis, Diane Sher, Warren Magres
* Newly processed members

Captain’s Report:

Captain Johnson introduced newly assigned Pacific Patrol Division Captain:
Captain Nicole Alberca

Crime stats:  Captain Johnson hosted a community meeting last week in Pacific.

Nile Collective is within 3 feet of a park, it will have to move.

Venezia Collective is not a Prop D. It has a case number.

Clean and Green on Lincoln has a case filed.

 Nine “clinics” in PAC have been closed so far. 

Grace Collective on Pico and Centinela in West L.A. will investigate status.

City will hire 5 more prosecutors focused on marijuana clinics only.

Crime is spiking citywide. Pacific raised to 3.5% in Part I crimes. This equals 120 victims.
RD 14 A11 along the boardwalk will have beefed up patrol. Smart Policing is just one of the strategies being used to combat crime.

Task forces with an emphasis on the homeless will be coordinated with LASA County, PATH, SPIE, and St. Joseph’s.  Two officers from CRO will assist in transportation. Clergy council is leading with philosophy learned from interaction with other like agencies. Pastor Steve Wallace is willing to have homeless people referred to his Foursquare Church. Quilts from the Heart collect toilettes for distribution to the homeless in Venice. Possible to collect toilettes at Farmer’s Market and the Station.

Teen CPAB- Older members will be assisting the front desk working from scripts being developed.

National Memorial Challenge, posted on Facebook. $10.00 donation.

Officers and units were dedicated to suppressing illegal fireworks. The Captains made one arrest that evening on the beach.

8502 declares that living in your car is not an offense. A new ordinance is being drafted.

Captain Johnson is committed to Constitutional Policing reminding Officers to continue to do their job with respect, dignity, and legally without exception!  Be engaged in their community. 

Neighborhood Councils:
Westchester: Elections set up new committees. There are many new members on their board. Encumbered $1,000 to Winter Wonderland
Venice: Council has been outreached to and may be sending a representative.
Mar Vista: Elections resulted in 2 new members. Supporting NNO with $770. Also purchasing $1,000 of neighborhood Watch signs to be posted.
Del Rey- Ms. Savage will support NNO.

Neighborhood Watch and Announcements:

Playa Vista is having a problem with large items being dumped. Residents need to be educated to call 311 for a bulky item pick-up.

Knock, Knock burglaries are occurring. Suspects move from building to building. Moms Club has been tracking them. Captain Johnson recommends utilizing a camera system. Also, getting an alarm and using it. (50% of people, who have them, don’t set them.)
LAPD has been using a decoy car in the area.

Drag racing is still occurring.

Leah’s neighborhood Association hosted a disaster awareness training that was attended by 45 citizens.

300 members attended Mar Vista Neighborhood Association block party.

Abbot Kinney food trucks for First Friday requirements have been modified to reduce the number by 2/3 reported Carol Tantau.

Nick announced that there will be Emergency Preparation on 7/27.

Obon Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Braddock will be closed.

 Need cash for food.

Mar Vista Town Hall had over 100 people attend.

 LAPD Patrol in Playa Vista is greatly appreciated

Suggestions: Have Senior Lead officers attend Farmer’s Markets in PAC area.

Westchester has a private security patrol that provides vacation service for only $10.00 a month. Contact Cyndi Hench for additional information.

Night Out on Crime: Location will be Mar Vista Park. Howard Hughes is one of the supporting companies. Goal of CPAB members is to get 1,000 people out to the park.
There are great sponsors: CERT, Animal services, Public Works, Safe Moves, free fingerprinting for children, CHP, free booths for neighborhood councils, LA Galaxy, and Venice Skateboarders. Monica requests CPAB members to post flyers and use social media to publicize the event. Police Foundation is sending 50 volunteers to assist at the event. Discussed having a bus transport citizens to location.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted,
Pat Karasick
CPAB Member

Next meeting:  August 20, 2014, 7:00 P.M.
Playa Vista Center Pointe Club, 6200 Playa Vista Drive, Playa Vista, CA  90066


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