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Shane Murphy Goldsmith,

Shane Murphy Goldsmith

Los Angeles Police Commission

email Vice President Shane Murphy
was appointed to the Board of Police Commissioners
by Mayor Eric Garcetti and confirmed by City Council on September
28, of 2016. Commissioner Goldsmith is President and Chief
Executive Officer of the Liberty Hill Foundation, dedicated to
providing funding and leadership training for community-based
organizations within Los Angeles County. Under her administration,
the foundation prioritizes issues that impact youth, communities of
color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, the environment. Prior to her role
at Liberty Hill Foundation, Commissioner Goldsmith was the
Executive Director of PATH Ventures, a non-profit agency that
builds and provides housing for people who are homeless and
mentally ill. She also served as a senior advisor to then-City
Council President, Eric Garcetti, overseeing a variety of
legislative projects pertaining to housing, public safety, and
issues affecting the LGBTQ community. Her legislative and community
work included collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Her life-long commitment to working for, and advocating support for
numerous social and community efforts, stems from her personal life
experiences that impacted her at an early age. She serves as the
co-chair of the California Funders for Boys and Men of Color So-Cal
Region, sits on the board of Southern California Grantmakers, is a
steering committee member of the Los Angeles Funders network for
Smart and Equitable Growth, and is on the board of PATH. In 2014,
Commissioner Goldsmith received the "Congressional Hunger Center
Alumni Leadership Award" for her leadership in programs or policies
that promote social justice, reduce poverty and oppression, and
improve food security. Commissioner Goldsmith received her Master's
Degree in Public Policy Administration from California State
University, Long Beach, and is a graduate of Kenyon College. She is
married and has two children.