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Comments by President Steve Soboroff at October 29, 2013 Police Commission Meeting

It has been almost two months since this Commission first met.  We were brought together by a Mayor who knows that creating jobs and a vibrant, diverse, and healthy Los Angeles are a direct result of many things, one of the most important of which is the Community Policing strategy of Chief Beck.

This commission is a "board of directors", not micro-managers, who, as stated in the City Charter  is to represent the citizens of Los Angeles and the "community-at-large, and our priorities include implementing recommended reforms, improving service to the public by the Department, reducing crime and the fear of crime, and initiating, implementing and supporting community policing programs".

As I said at our first meeting on September 10th, four of us have accepted the responsibility of ascending a steep learning curve, and even our experienced Commissioner, Rob Saltzman, has said he continues on the learning path!

Today's Agenda includes items like reports on seat belt usage (a part of risk management) and the progress with the on-body camera project.    Since our first meeting, our goals are crystalizing as we roll up our sleeves and get into the field, The cooperation of both sides of First Street has been real and invigorating . Together with the Chief, the IG, the PPL and the guidance and support of Richard Tefank, all of your commissioners are looking at the future of the LAPD, it's diversity, it's succession planning, and other important issues.

This Mayor wants results, and I am convinced that we will deliver. And when we do there will be money saved. And from a portion of that savings there are things that the men and women of the LAPD need and deserve. We won't be shy about bringing them up!

Communication among people from all perspectives who share the common goal of a better Los Angeles is a great thing!   As we look ahead there will be challenges and specific issues that tax us, but the stars are in alignment for a great LAPD to get even greater.

Thank you