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President's Comments Regarding Recent Pursuit - December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

The Charter of the City of Los Angeles grants specific important powers to the Board of Police Commissioners.   With those powers comes significant responsibilities, which each of us take very seriously.

As a result of the 1991 Independent Christopher Commission report, and with subsequent the recommendations and mandates of the Consent Decree, the Commission appoints an Inspector General, who is not an employee of the LAPD, to carry out important duties as specifically described in the Charter.

The Final Report of the office of the Independent Monitor (Consent decree) states that ..."the LAPD has become the national and international policing standard for activities that range from audits to handling of the mentally ill to many aspects of training,...and more".   The role of the IG's office maintaining this level of excellence is critical:  through thick and thin.

This past Friday night, at approximately 10:40 pm, Los Angeles Police Department officers were involved in a vehicle pursuit with an individual in a Corvette that resulted in multiple officers shooting at the suspect, striking and killing him.

(1) The Department has specialized units that investigate these shootings and analyze them. And

(2) An independent group, the Office of Inspector General, is involved in these serious uses of force and provides an independent analysis of the event to the Commission.

Both of these results are provided to the Commission for our analysis when all of the details are compiled and independently reviewed.   That takes time, and we have time to do things fairly and correctly.

It is important for us, at this time,  to publicly hear a description directly from the IG of the process for investigating and examining these cases, every time there is a serious use of force or an OIS.

I would like the Inspector General , Alex Bustamante, to describe the process for reviewing cases such as the one that occurred Friday night.