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Presidents Comments regarding Chief Beck - February 11, 2014

My relationship with Chief Charlie Beck is mutually honest, open, mature and respectful. If we were both wearing on-body cameras for the last six months, we could prove it quickly and definitively.

Does that mean we must agree on everything, all the time? Of course not. And that is by design of the Charter of the City of Los Angeles and is also articulated within the consent decree transition documents.

We have different jobs with different responsibilities, but the same goal, the same end game: A safe city by virtue of great community policing.

From the consent decree release documents..."LAPD has become the national and international policing standard for activities that range from audits, to handling of the mentally ill, to many aspects of training, to risk assessment of police officers and more."

The crime numbers, released here publicly every week, validate that statement.

This commission's support of, caring about, and appreciation of the members of the LAPD (both sworn and civilian) does not require 100% agreement on every issue all the time.

And our support for, caring about, and appreciation of Chief Charlie Beck doesn't either.

So, on we go, working towards and even safer city, with even better community policing, with even better training, with even more lessons learned, and hopefully with even more money...

Thank you.