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Focus Issues for Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners (Fiscal Year 2014-2015)

April 1, 2014

I    REPRESENT ALL ANGELENOS:  Provide independent, visible and transparent civilian oversight by exercising our authority and responsibilities in accordance with the City Charter, including but not limited to:

•    Supporting and monitoring Constitutional Policing, Community Policing and best practices in policies and operations;
•    Evaluating the Chief of Police, and reappointing the Chief of police or recruitment and selection of a new Chief of Police;
•    Ensuring the Department responds appropriately to complaints, and to concerns identified by the Commission or the Inspector General; and
•    Considering each Use of Force incident that is presented to the Commission for adjudication in a thoughtful and deliberate manner taking into consideration the totality of the circumstances.

II    STRENGTH IN NUMBERS:  In cooperation with the Department and City Personnel Department, achieve the goal of 10,000 police officers with the hiring of police recruits who reflect the diversity of the City of Los Angeles.  Support and monitor the Department’s implementation of appropriate succession-planning, retention goals and diversity in promotions.

III    HAVE A BETTER PICTURE OF WHAT OCCURRED:  Implement the Police Officer On-body Camera project in cooperation with all stakeholders.  Adopt the necessary policies regarding the use and control of recorders and recordings.

IV    CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  Embrace fairness for all employees by supporting and monitoring: development of guidelines and standards for imposition of Conditional Official Reprimands; and implementation of a formal Department Conflict Resolution Program that encourages communication so as to reduce internal complaints and lawsuits involving Department employees.

V    FINANCIAL PRIORITIES:  Support the Department’s budget proposal and efforts to achieve the incremental reinstatement of cash overtime and pay parity for newly hired police officers with those hired over four years ago.

VI    SAVE CITY FUNDS WHILE PROTECTING EMPLOYEES AND RESIDENTS:  Support and monitor the Department’s implementation of a global and proactive Risk Management Program and development and implementation (in cooperation with the City Attorney) of a lessons-learned process after disputes or incidents are litigated or settled.

VII    BUCKLE UP:  Ensure the Department implements a program to mandate that seat belts are to be worn by all personnel who operate and are a passenger in a Department vehicle.

VIII    HIT & STOP:  Mandate the Department implement a traffic education program focused on Education, Enforcement and Engineering to improve pedestrian, automobile and bicycle safety and to reduce the incidence of hit and run traffic collisions.

IX    KIDS OF ALL AGES:  Celebrate and support the various Department programs and encourage Community Policing such as Cadets, Community-Police Advisory Boards, Magnet High Schools, etc.