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Presidents comments regarding the Department's Fallen Officers - May 13, 2014

We shall dedicate today's meeting in honor of and in memory of:

Detective Ernest Allen

Let us rise and observe a moment of silence in his honor.

The unprecedented string of catastrophic events that have taken the lives of 5 of our officers in just a few months make it so easy to refer to the sheer numbers instead of the individuals.

Nick Lee
Chris Cortijo
Roberto Sanchez
George Nagata
Ernest Allen

Not numbers, but human beings
Not numbers, but our family members
Not numbers, but our heroes each with unique success stories
Not numbers, but Dads, Sons, Uncles, cousins, mentors, friends and Husbands

So, as the Chief has so eloquently said, "we will honor their service and remember their spirits forever"

F o r e v e r