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Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill’s Comments Expressing Appreciation for Policing–Nov. 22, 2016

On Sunday, November 20, 2016 there were three police officers targeted in separate incidents around the country.

In San Antonio, Texas 50-year-old Detective Benjamin Marconi who had been with the San Antonio Police Department for 20 years was shot and killed in an unprovoked ambush attack by an individual who parked behind his car, walked up and shot him twice while he was seated and writing a traffic citation.

In St. Louis, Missouri a 46-year-old Sergeant was driving down the road when a suspect pulled alongside his police car and shot him twice in the face through his open window.  Fortunately, he was released from the hospital early yesterday morning.

In Sanibel, Florida an officer was shot in the shoulder while writing a traffic citation.

For obvious reasons I have always been acutely aware of the names, the faces and the stories of young men and women of color whose lives have been cut short or otherwise irredeemably altered as a result of the improper exercise of state authority.

I understand that it is also important to recognize that police work is a dangerous profession in which men and women around this country place themselves in jeopardy every day.

I want to express my sympathy to Detective Marconi’s family for their loss and wish a speedy recovery to the other officers shot over this past weekend.

In addition, I want to express to my appreciation to Los Angeles Police Officers for all that they  do, day in and day out to keep our City safe.

The men and women of this department have a difficult job and it is important, at least to me, that they know that even as we press for continued reform, engage in sometimes difficult dialogue and offer principled critique, they have our full support and continued confidence.