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Police Commissioner Sandra Figueroa-Villa’s comments to Chief Beck’s retirement

As a native Angeleno I have dedicated my career to helping and aiding many communities of this great city.  I have worked with many populations of color and assisted many families work through some of the challenging life circumstances many will never have to experience.   

Throughout the last 40 years working and living in Rampart and Northeast Los Angeles, and growing up in South LA, I have worked with numerous gangs.  My agency has provided numerous programs to help individuals and families establish positive, productive lives.  As a result of my dedication to helping my community, I was an activist against police brutality.  I worked with many elected officials to address my concerns and felt frustration due the lack of accountability.   

However, as a result of being on the Commission and observing the many positive changes this Department has implemented in regards to police reform, I have to say that Chief Beck has been the best Chief of Police in Los Angeles during my lifetime.  As as a result of his leadership, I feel LAPD is the best police department in the country.   

I have traveled to many other cities and toured with many other police departments.  I sat in with Police Chiefs from many other agencies.  Most of the agencies across the country look to LAPD for advice.  The LAPD has managed through the federal consent decree and has established many new policies and tactics.  We still have a long way to go in terms of police reform, but I have the utmost respect for my Chief.  I admire his leadership, tenacity, vision for the Department, and love for the citizens of this great city.  His shoes will be difficult to fill but I feel confident my fellow Police Commissioners are committed to a candidate that will encompass those same attributes and continue leading this department.