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Police Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill’s comments to Chief Beck’s retirement

In the days and months ahead there will be many opportunities to catalog, and more importantly, reflect upon Chief’s Becks many contributions to the Los Angeles Police Department and I look forward to taking part in them.  

For me it is of particular note that Chief Beck’s career has coincided with some of the department’s most deeply disturbing practices as well as, arguably, the most ambitious and comprehensive reform effort ever undertaken by a law enforcement agency.  

I want to align myself with the sentiments expressed on Friday by the Mayor and the leadership of this Commission. I also want to express my deep appreciation for the Chief’s commitment to embracing the principles of 21st Century Policing.  

In particular I want to acknowledge his role, in efforts aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for the perspectives of people that remain mistrustful of law enforcement for reasons related to history and experience. And more importantly for embracing training, policies and other initiatives, designed to enhance public safety by building trust and promoting collaboration.       

With that said, meeting this moment demands that we look forward and I am excited about the opportunities that it presents. As new technologies are employed, we will be challenged to step up our embrace of transparency. New leadership will also be left with the critical imperatives of maintaining diversity within the department’s ranks, codifying and expanding policing practices rooted in relationship and respect and addressing a range of internal perceptions related to discipline and advancement that have the potential to undermine confidence and morale.  

In the main, we continue to be engaged in a process that seeks to redefine policing, one that at its core demands resilience, creativity, and compassion, along with discipline and courage. It is this mission that will serve as my guidepost as we perform our role in identifying the next man or woman to take the helm of this Department.  

I very much look forward to working with the members of this Commission and to hearing from residents and stakeholders from across the City as we engage in this process.