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Permit Requirements for Special Officer

Special Officer P-683

Los Angeles Police Commission Board Requirements

Reference: L.A.M.C. Sect. 52.34

Proceed immediately to the Los Angeles Police Commission; 150 N Los Angeles St, Rm#144 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM, M-F. Applicant must include the following when submitting the original application to the city clerks office:

  1. Valid California driver's license
  2. Valid state guard card
  3. Valid state firearm permit (if using a firearm)
  4. A signed letter of employment by the employer
  5. 3 1" x 1" photos for temporary I.D. card
  6. Receipt from the city clerk
  7. Proof of citizenship or residency status

Once application is submitted, applicant must obtain a receipt from the city clerk and proceed immediately to the Los Angeles Police Commission, 150 N Los Angeles St, Rm #144 to receive his/her temporary working I.D. card.

Note: Before temporary I.D. card is issued, a background check is made to determine truthfulness of applicant as to criminal history or detect any adverse information. A person on probation, parole, or bearing an invalid driver's license will not be issued a temporary I.D. card. The application in itself does not guarantee issuance of an I.D. card.

Temporary I.D. card is valid for 60 days.

Upon receipt of the permanent i.d. card applicant must return the temporary i.d. card and obtain a special officer badge at above address. A $2.00 processing fee is collected for the badge.

A special officer shall not display a badge or carry a weapon unless the officer is on duty or going to/from work.

A special officer shall surrender his badge & I.D. card to his private patrol employer upon termination from employment or if making a change of employers.

The board of police commissioners may revoke I.D. card and police permit if applicant is convicted of criminal activity subsequent to granting of permit.