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Rampart C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Rampart Area
 Community-Police Advisory Board
Minutes of Meeting

July 2, 2013
Good Samaritan Hospital
Los Angeles, CA  90026

Members              Guests                                           LAPD               
Anthony Stewart                         Ben Marte                                         Captain Walters
Jerry Cohen                                 Sandy Hunter                                    Sgt. Franco
Jorge Prado                                 Carol Stulberg                                   SLO Ford
Bertha Wooldridge                                                                                Officer Andrews
Robert Wooldridge                                                                                              
Sonny Zapanta             
James P. Harrell III
Rhonda Reynolds
Jac Stulberg

Captains Remarks

Captain discussed Constitutional Policing with the board. Captain discussed crime was 10% down. Our biggest crimes are grand auto theft in Westlake/Silver Lake area. The SLO’s been doing a great job with businesses posting signs at the stores for theft.

3 vehicles in 4 months were stripped. They are using bait cars but it has not been as productive as before.

They discussed the beautiful new Echo Park and how they plan to keep it clean. Black and white patrol cars are going to be visible as much as possible. They did not purchase cameras for the park.

They plan to keep the vendors off the lawn. GED has been walking a foot beat daily from one end to the other. SLO Ford is there twice a day for visibility and crime reduction.

Captain offered anyone who could help keep Echo Park clean meet him at Masa’s for lunch to discuss their plans.

Committee Reports
Traffic------------------ Sonny Zapanta stated there were overall increases in traffic reports.
A) 5 collisions- increase
K) 100 decrease
DUI) 8-Increase
H&R) Increase
Ped) 20 % increase
Bike) Increase
Alvarado/Temple- Speeding is the most dangerous crime at this intersection.
Jan-May 2,000 more tickets have been given out.

Crime - Neighborhood South Council had a cleanup in the neighborhood. 80 men from Royal Palms helped along with James Harrell III.

Youth - The Westlake Protectors practiced their dance for NNO, Aug 6, 2013

Membership - Jesus Leal is our new CPAB member.

Our next meeting is cancelled due to National Night Out, Aug. 6, 2013.
September 3 is our next scheduled meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM


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Bertha Wooldridge, Outstanding Community Member
Bertha Wooldridge
Outstanding Community Member