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Officer of the Year


West Traffic Division (WTD) is proud to announce the nomination of Police Officer Willie Durr, Serial No. 31557, for the American Legion-24th District "Police Officer of the Year" Award.  Officer Durr was unanimously selected for this award not for one single event, but for his never ending dedication to his profession and the public's safety.  He has been singled out and recognized on numerous occasions for his outstanding work ethic, dedication to duty, quick response, and placing himself in harms way in the pursuit of public safety.

During the past year, Officer Durr has received no less than six commendations commenting on such areas as dedication to duty, outstanding work ethics, attention to duty, and embracing the mission of the Los Angeles Police Department and WTD.

Officer Durr ensures that he has personal knowledge of the locations where very serious traffic collisions occur and the types of violations that cause those collisions.  He directs his traffic enforcement efforts toward these problem locations.  While engaged in his enforcement efforts, Officer Durr always conducts himself in a professional manner.  He takes the time to fully explain his actions to the citizens and why he/she was stopped.  If a citation is issued, he provides the necessary information, to assist the citizen, with resolving the citation.  Also, Officer Durr ensures that the citizens with whom he has contact are educated in safe driving techniques and the current California Vehicle Code sections.

There is no known method to measure how many lives traffic enforcement saves each year.  With the Nation Traffic Death Toll continually rising, traffic enforcement officers are continually tasked with additional enforcement efforts and devising innovative methods to reduce the number of serious traffic collisions.  Officer Durr is passionate when it comes to making the streets of Los Angeles safer for all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  During his WTD tenure, he has been selected to several specialized assignments and units.  Officer Durr is a twelve-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.  He came to the Department after serving ten years with the United States Army.  While serving in the Army, Officer Durr attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.  His service included overseas assignments in both Germany and Korea.  Officer Durr is married with two children.  He is a resident of Palmdale, California.