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Basic Car Plan

The Los Angeles Police Department, working in conjunction with community organizations, businesses, neighborhood residents, and area elected officials, has apportioned the City into eighteen geographic areas. This system allows the LAPD to deliver the highest quality police service to our constituents while at the same time tailoring law enforcement and public safety efforts to individual community needs. Each of the City’s 18 geographic areas is served by a Community Police Station. These stations themselves are further apportioned into small neighborhood units, referred to as Basic Cars.

There are roughly eight to ten Basic Car areas per Community Police Station and each Basic Car area has one patrol car permanently assigned to provide service in that neighborhood. The Basic Car Areas are divided into districts containing two to three Basic car areas. Each district has a Basic Car District Coordinator (BCDC) Sergeant who is responsible for the Basic Car areas in that district. The coordinator is responsible for working with the Basic Car, community relations, crime prevention, traffic enforcement and personnel to identify crime and quality of life problems within their District.

The BCDC Sergeant ensures that the appropriate watch commander and supervisors are informed of problems which are occurring in the Coordinator's assigned District. Additional patrol units may be assigned during periods of increased workload.

How Does It Work?

Three teams of officers are assigned to patrol your neighborhood on a 24-hour basis. Each team works one of the three 8-hour shifts. These officers patrol your neighborhood preventing crime and answering radio calls for service.

Officers assigned to a Basic Car generally do not rotate to other police cars. They remain assigned to your neighborhood to familiarize themselves with you, your neighbors, and the problems that may arise in your community. Although there are other police cars assigned to the same area, the Basic Car has priority in answering all calls within its boundaries.