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September 2012

09/28/12 - LAPD 77th Street Station to Host 400 Local Kids to “Le Petit Cirque”

09/28/12 - LAPD 77th Street Station to Host 400 Local Kids to “Le Petit Cirque” NA12221SF

09/28/12 - 405 Freeway Closure Nixle Messaging for the Public NA12220AN

09/27/12 - Man and Woman Killed in Traffic Collision NR12453cj

09/27/12 - 43-year-old Los Angeles Man Missing Since September 11, 2012 NR12454SF

09/26/12 - Westside Knock-Knock Burglars NR12447cn

09/26/12 - Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles NA12219rl

09/25/12 - Victim Killed at a Local Park NR12452rh

09/25/12 - DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint and DUI Saturation Patrol NA12218rh

09/25/12 - Officer Deployed in the Military Receives 60,000th Care Package NA12217rh

09/25/12 - Los Feliz Burglary/Sexual Battery Series NR12451td

09/23/12 - Human Remains Found in Pacific Palisades NR12444cj

09/22/12 - Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety and Enforcement operation

09/22/12 - Chief of Police responds to jury’s award in drive-by shooting/attempt murder case NR12443as

09/21/12 - Newton Police Activities League Program

09/20/12 - Father Sends Abused Teen from Georgia to L.A. to Fend for Himself; Young Man and his Sisters Come from Home Life of Horror NR12441rf

09/19/12 - Mission 26 - The Big Endeavour Flyover NR12430rl

09/19/12 - Customers Scammed into Paying Water and Power Bill with Pre-paid Cash Card NR12435SF

09/19/12 - “Knock Knock Task Force Warrant Service” NR12438js

09/19/12 - LAPD Announce DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoints NA12214cj

09/19/12 - Hit and Run Traffic Collision Leaves two Students Injured NR12439cj

09/18/12 - $75,000 Reward for Murder of Two Young People

09/18/12 - $25,000 Reward Offered in Connection with Stabbing Death NA12210td

09/18/12 - L.A. Mayor’s Crisis Response Team (CRT) Program is Recruiting Volunteers NR12432cn

09/17/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting Occurs at the End of a Pursuit NR124334ne

09/14/12 - Officer-Involved Shooting in 77th Division NR12431ne

09/13/12 - 85-year-old Man Missing from the North San Fernando Valley NR12429sf

09/12/12 - Robbery Suspect Captured on Tape NR12428cj

09/12/12 - Man Struck and Killed by Hit & Run Driver NR12426rh

09/12/12 - “I Have a Dream” Foundation and Ninety-Ninth Street Elementary School NA12203rl

09/11/12 - Disabled Woman Injured during Purse Snatch Incident NR12427td

09/10/12 - Police, Fire and United States Military Join together for a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony

09/08/12 - Man Arrested For the Murder of His Parents NR12425bb

09/07/12 - Salute to Kids

09/07/12 - 82-Year-Old Critical Missing Woman From Hollywood Home NR12424cj

09/06/12 - Woman Intentionally Set Ablaze Clinging to Life NR12413kr

09/06/12 - Owner of Driving School Charged with Molesting a Minor NR12422kr

09/06/12 - Executive Community Police Academy Graduation

09/06/12 - LAPD Academy Graduation

09/05/12 - Sunshine Kids Return to Los Angeles

09/05/12 - Residential and Vehicle Burglaries Rising in Rampart’s East Hollywood Area Crimes May Be Related NR12421rf

09/05/12 - In Custody Death NR12420ne

09/02/12 - 68-year-old Woman Struck and Killed by Hit & Run Driver NR12419SF

09/01/12 - West Traffic Division Detectives Investigate the Unfortunate Death of an 18-year-old Bicyclist NR12418SF