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South Bureau Community Programs

Council Liaison Officer

In an effort to improve the living environment of the residents of the 8th Council District, Operations-South Bureau has established the Council Liaison Officer position. The officer assigned to this position works closely with all facets of city government (Building and Safety, Street Maintenance, Code Enforcement, etc.) to combat urban decay. The Liaison Officer receives Community Enhancement Reports from each Area within the 8th Council District. In turn, the information is forwarded to the appropriate agency, which is responsible for correcting the problem. This concept of "Government Policing" streamlines the effectiveness of multiple agency cooperation. See also Governmental Liaison

Jeopardy Program
It is the philosophy of Operations-South Bureau that in order to combat urban decline and decay, one must improve the lives of the children. The Jeopardy Program offers a unique opportunity to ensure such improvements. By targeting "at risk" children, Jeopardy offers a variety of educational and physical challenges. From tutoring to martial arts, the Jeopardy Program teaches children the values of positive competition.

It is the long-term goal of the Jeopardy Program to ensure that its participants will:

  • Decrease truancy
  • Improve grades
  • Graduate middle school
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Decrease the risk of gang involvement
  • Improve conflict resolution and other life-affirming skills
  • Improve and demonstrate goal-setting skills
  • Improve reading and writing
  • Decrease violent and other inappropriate behavior

The Jeopardy Program is a proud participant in the L.A. Bridges Program, sponsored by the City of Los Angeles and the Fremont Cluster Collaborative, which is financed by the Weingart Foundation. Each of these programs has a commitment to improve the lives of children.

Community Police Academy
The Community Police Academy is a 10-week course. Participants attend once a week for three-hour classes in the evening. Participants learn LAPD organization, policies, philosophy, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges of managing a large urban police force as well as the challenges faced by patrol officers.

Members of the public may apply for the Operations-South Bureau Community Police Academy by calling the OSB Training Coordinator at 213-485-4251. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years of age
  • Live or work in the City of Los Angeles
  • Have no prior felony convictions
  • Have no outstanding warrants
  • Have no pending criminal cases