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Southeast C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Southeast Community Police Station
Community – Police Advisory Board (C-PAB)
Minutes of Thursday, August 7, 2014

In Attendance
Southeast Community Police Personnel
Capt. Tingirides * Capt. Ito * Sgt Petillo * SLO’S * Officer’s Lopez * Stewart * Valdez * Officer Hill

Board Members
Theresa Martinez * Pastor Andre Marshall * Eugenia Ramirez

C-PAB Members           
E.P Charles * Gertrude Dillard * Joyce Fantroy * Mary Ferrer * Patricia Goynes * Mary Heard * Lee Heard *
Hinnant Quincy * Willie Jackson * Patricia Jones * Eddie Lockhart * Mabelle Pittman * Chris Prudhomme *
Ruby Ross * Herb Scott * Joseph Thompson * Leonard White * Trina Robinison


Sean Forde * Briget Forde * Stephanie Weatherspoon * Leola L Ragland * Carolyn Dilqule * Lois Hill * Ms Melendez * JC Cordova * Earnestene Wilson * ONA Morado* Ernie Faye Ossey * Groover Durham

Call to order
The meeting was called at 6:35pm on Thursday August 7, 2014

I.    Opening Remarks
Greetings: Theresa Martinez

II.    Captain Tingirides
Thanked the community for participating in the National Night Out. Glad there was no issues encountered at the event. Captain Tingirides spoke on how community is coming together nicely. Currently there is 26 homicides this year compared to last year’s 27 homicides, 100 people have been shot to date this year which is the lowest numbers since 108th Station opened. Westside, Main St.  and Hoover are raising concerns, because of feuds going on between gangs. Search warrants have been enforced at a higher levels to establish a safer environment. Captain Tingirides stating the Department is focusing and enforcing efforts where problem areas, are. There are 10 more officers placed on patrol hoping for faster response rates.

IV.    Guest Speaker: Detective Ronnie Walker
Detective Walker discussed the issues in today’s society regarding Identity Theft. Identity Theft is a serious problem that is on the rise. Detective Walker also elaborated on tips the community can put to use in order to avoid or minimize the chances on being a victim of fraud or identity theft. He Educated audience on a term affiliated with identity theft. The term is called “skimmer”. Skimmer is a small object that can be used almost anywhere by hackers to access information, all it takes is a simple swipe of credit card. Skimmers are used at restaurant’s and fast food chains. He also suggests for the community to constantly check bank statements for any suspicious activity. Check on setting up necessary restrictions with your bank to avoid any fraud.

V.    Guest Speaker: Stephanie Weatherspoon
Works for ADT encouraging community to invest in home security to avoid home burglaries.

VI.         Approval of Minutes:
VII.     Public Announcements
August 9th PCI walk begins at Magic Johnson Park
Senior Club Meeting August 9th
Free Health Clinic September 13-14th.

Next Meeting:
The next C-PAB meeting is scheduled for September 4th Thursday 6:30 @          
Location: 10101 S. Broadway Burton Tech.


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Mrs. Blanche Brown, Outstanding Community Member
Mrs. Blanche Brown
Outstanding Community Member