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Southwest C-PAB Meeting Minutes

Los Angeles Police Department
Southwest Area
Community Police Advisory Board Executive Committee
Southwest Division Police Department
  August 14, 2014 - 6:30PM


Call to Order:
  The meeting was called to order by Co-Chair Johnnie Raines at 6:45pm.

Welcome & Introduction of Members: Co-Chair Johnnie Raines

Captain’s Comments:  Captain Al Pasos, Acting Area Commanding Officer substituted for Captain Paul Snell, who was on vacation. He spoke about the violence in the city and LAPD involvement.  He stated that some of the community felt that LAPD was out of control.  From January to July 2014 there have been fourteen crimes and Southwest is responsible for 3 police uses of force.  He also explained how an investigation is conducted when it involves a police officer.  77th division has recovered 200 guns so far this year.

Co-Chair Remarks: – Johnnie Raines commented on the shooting at 10th avenue and Jefferson Blvd where the suspect was shot in the buttocks in a narcotics related incident.  He also informed all present that the Christmas Toy Drive which will be held December 20, 2014 is a C-PAB sponsored event.

Community Relations Office:  Sergeant Mark Green introduced Jose Cruz as an official member of  the Southwest C-PAB. Thanks to Officer Paul Evleth for expediting the paperwork.  Jose was a member of Teen C-PAB and Southwest Youth Board and is now a member of C-PAB.  

Teen C-PAB Comments: Omar Prudencio – Southwest Teen CPAB Co-chair and Cadet stated that they have adopted the same format as the adult C-PAB by electing a board which includes Co-Chairs, and Secretaries.  Sergeant Barlow presented Omar with a plaque in recognition of the Public Safety Youth Conference.  

Basic Car Reports:

SLO 3A15 Tracy Banuelos  reported a burglary on the east side of Western Avenue.  As for graffiti, if someone makes a report and the person responsible is convicted, the person reporting will receive $1,000.00 dollars. If anyone has something similar, please contact your SLO.

Guest Speakers: Officers Gary Beecher, Jeff Nelson and Albert Valdez from the Community Policing Unit attended.   Officer Valdez spoke about new I.D.’S being developed for C-PAB members .  LAPD Community Policing Unit will control all C-PAB ID’S.  They are asking all members to get in touch with either with Denise K. Smith or Officer Paul Elveth to take pictures.  They are hoping that the new ID’S will be ready by November 2013.

Approval of Minutes 6/2014:   Motion was made by Marcia Arnold and seconded by Pat Hemphill to approve the minutes as read.  They were approved by all members present.

Committee Report: Leslie Evans – Blight and Homeless

Leslie reported that the homeless are hanging out at a burger stand whose permit expired in 2009.  He is getting information from the SLO’s, C-PAB members as to where the homeless are hanging out. The homeless coalition has an energetic outreach program at 57th St. and Broadway.  They are also hanging out on Crenshaw Blvd. between Adams Blvd and the 10 freeway (they are drifting and moving south).  There is a large camp at 42nd and Vernon (east of Flower). It has become a huge nuisance to the community. Also there are laws to protect the homeless and the police officers’ hands are tied.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm

Next Meeting: September 11, 2014 – 6:30pm

Minutes prepared by Phyllis Palacio, Southwest C-PAB Secretary


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Patricia ‘Pat ‘A Hemphill, Outstanding Community Member
Patricia ‘Pat ‘A Hemphill
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